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January 21st, 2016

Relocate your business with the specialists – Business Relocation Services


The time has come. The lease has run out on your business premises and it’s time to move. You’ve found a pretty decent office block across the other side of the city but moving everything from the old office to the new one seems like a harder and more expensive task than it needs to be. Well with You Pack Removals self pack removals process, it can actually be quite affordable and stress free! We are specialists in both house hold and business moving .

DIY removals made easy with You Pack Removals

At You Pack Removals, we take a different approach to the to regular interstate removals process that will help your business save money. When you call us on 1300 882 112 for our services we’ll send around the required number of special packing containers needed for your move. You then pack everything from your office into these containers. Once that is done, call us back and our experienced movers will transport everything to your new place of business. It’s the hassle free and cost effective DIY removals solution helping businesses and households across Australia. Contact us today.

Take control and save with DIY removals

Relocating interstate requires a lot of planning, time and work. And a bit of expense along the way too. But with You Pack Removals you can save money and hassle with their pioneering ‘do it yourself removals’ method.

Do it yourself removals making your life easier

You Pack Removals’ ‘you pack it, and we’ll transport it’ approach to furniture removals has helped customers all over Australia save money. Rather than having some complete stranger come in and box up that precious vase your grandmother gave you in with the kids’ toys, you pack everything exactly the way you want it. You have complete control over how your belongings are packed; therefore you have peace of mind. Once everything is packed and loaded up, our DIY interstate removalists will transport it to your new destination anywhere in Australia. You Pack Removals are the DIY removalists working for you.

Do it yourself removals are a great way to save money and stress when you’re moving interstate. Contact the experts at You Pack Removals today and make your relocation that much easier!

Plan Ahead For An Easy Relocation

Moving home or office is a big step and can be a lot of hard work. It can be potentially expensive too, particularly with the packing and relocating. With help from You Pack Removals, you can save some time, some stress and more importantly some of your cash!

Tips for a stress free ‘do it yourself’ removal

By booking your relocation with You Pack Removals, you remain in total control of the interstate removals process of your move. This means that you can make sure everything is packed the way you want it. We’ll take care of the rest, like the transport and the boxes. Make sure though that you book with us a good month before moving day, so we can have everything ready in advance.
A labelling machine has proven to be invaluable to many of our clients. Buy one ASAP and make sure you label your boxes clearly.
Dispose of anything you know without a doubt that you will no longer need. Why make the packing process any more difficult than it needs to be?
For more ‘do it yourself’ removal tips, or to get a free quote for our services, check out the You Pack Removals website now.

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