Do It Yourself Removals

From container removals, self pack removals, container transport services, event transport, container modifications, container sales, storage, and container hire, we provide a complete end to end service for our customers, which is why we’re known as the first, the biggest and the best self pack interstate removalists in Australia

We are also 100% Australian owned and operated! Plus… we’ve been ranked 37th in the BRW Fast 100, and ranked 7th in the Start up Smart Awards.

Quite simply, because we’ve built a reputation for excellence and personal service You Pack Removals™ has quickly become Australia’s number one residential and commercial self pack interstate removalist of choice when it comes to moving and storing your goods. Please click here to read our customers reviews on Yellow pages, Product Review, True Local websites.

Australian owned and operated with over 21 depot locations. We provide free moving insurance worth $250,000 for your move. Read More

Save Money with Do It Yourself Removals

Aussie culture has a long and proud connection with the DIY concept. Many of us like to spend a good portion of our free time tinkering away in the shed or tending to our gardens.

You Pack Removals has now made it possible for all Australian's to get a better deal on moving with our do it youself removal service.

How it Works

To start your DIY interstate moving experience, we'll rock up to your place with an empty self pack shipping container and all the extras you need like ropes and blankets. You've got up to 24 days to load up the container, and then we'll come to fetch it.

We have a national network of interstate transport experts, and we coordinate a relay of road and rail transport options to get your things transferred as efficiently and safely as possible.

At the other end of the journey, you'll have up to another 24 days to get everything unloaded, and then we'll come and remove the container for you.

The Benefits

When you choose to do your moving with us, you'll be saving a serious amount of money. If you have any doubts, it's easy to put this claim to the test. Just compare our quote to any other quote you receive. The difference is pretty shocking, isn't it?

In fact, the majority of our customers report savings of up to 50% by choosing You Pack Removals, and some have managed to save even more. The difference becomes more apparent with increased distance of movement or when you're moving to places that would considered "remote".

You'll also get free insurance cover to the value of $250,000 on every shipment. Our deals are not just good value, they're amazing value.

Is DIY Interstate Moving Difficult?

Unless you have an injury, disability or illness that makes it difficult to do your own loading and unloading, it shouldn't be. Even if you do have one of these problems to deal with, you can still choose this moving option if you're able to recruit family and friends to help.

Do keep in mind that safety is important when it comes to interstate container transport. You don't want to be hurting yourself just to save some money on your moving costs. We've helped over 15,000 families to make their move already, and their experience has been overwhelmingly positive, as you can verify from the testimonials they have left about our service.

Talk to the Experts in DIY Interstate Removals

As the first and only Australian cheap interstate removals company offering complete DIY interstate removals, we are ready to help you with your move.

Don't miss this opportunity to save up to 50% on your interstate moving costs. Saving money isn't the only reason to choose You Pack Removals, but it's definitely a good one.

If you have any questions about our service, simply give us a call or an email message and we'll happily assist in any way we can. Don't forget to compare our quote. You'll be thrilled how much you can potentially save when you chose You Pack Removals.

They say that if a job’s worth doing well it’s worth doing yourself. Those who have moved house and have had to deal with horror furniture removalists in the past can probably relate to this all too well. You Pack Removals is one of the leading self-pack removals companies, helping customers across Australia relocate interstate or across their city to new homes or commercial properties. We provide affordable DIY removals assistance that can help you save time, stress and money.

DIY Removal Services you Can Trust

You Pack Removals’ “you pack it and we’ll transport it” approach to do it yourself removals gives you the control over how your furniture and possessions are packed. You’ll also save money by packing your belongings up yourself. It’s simple – call You Pack Removals and we’ll send you the required number of furniture containers for you to load. Once everything is ready to go our experienced expert interstate removalists will transport your possessions to your new home or place of business, anywhere in Australia. Once you’ve unpacked all your furniture we’ll then take your containers away. It’s that easy! For expert assistance with your do it yourself removals, get in touch with the professionals at You Pack Removals. Fill in your details online for a rapid quote or call us on 1300 882 112 for further information.

Take Charge And Ensure A Smooth DIY Removals

Don’t you hate it when you hire cheap interstate removalists for your interstate move and you discover when everything arrives at your new home that the furniture has been damaged in transit and your breakables are indeed broken? With You Load Removals’ innovative DIY interstate removals method of furniture removals, you can control exactly how everything is packed to ensure that your furniture and possessions arrive at your new home in the same condition in which they left the old one.

Do It Yourself Removals: Helping you relocate with maximum ease and minimum stress

You Pack Removals’ “you pack it and we’ll transport it” approach to DIY removals means that you not only have control over how your furniture and possessions are packed, you can even save money by not having professional removalists do the packing for you. When you hire You Pack Removals, you pack your belongings into special furniture containers which we then transport to your new home. We’ll then take away the containers once you’ve finished unpacking. It’s a simple and proven effective DIY interstate moving process that saves you time, stress and money! For a free rapid quote contact us today online or by phone on 1300 882 112.

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How our interstate container transport system works ?

Our system works in four easy steps as follows from your doorstep to your new home

Australian self pack Interstate Removalist

1. Choose the container size

Australian Interstate mover

2. We deliver container at your doorstep

Australian Interstate self pack mover

3. Pack your stuff into the container

Australian Interstate moving company

4. We deliver to your new address

The easy-to-use container removals system with a difference!

Our interstate container transport and freight system entails delivering a superior quality shipping container to you wherever you are Australia wide, with free moving blankets & ropes! Once the container arrives, you can pack it at your own pace. When you’re ready, put your own padlock onto the container for us to move your treasures safely!

We deliver the container to your destination.

Moving containers this way is by far the most cost-effective alternative to regular removals!

Our shipping container removals system allows you to have full control & use of either a 20' or 40' shipping container, to be placed on the ground at your home or workplace in an unobtrusive location.

It's simple , safe & the most cheapest way to move your furniture interstate . Worked for many Australians for years.

Start your stress free move now by clicking the GET A QUOTE button at the top or at the bottom. It's easy and affordable to move with us.


20' High Cube Shipping Containers. Our 20' high cube shipping containers are by far the most popular removal containers that we offer.This size container holds 38 cubic meters of furniture, and is suitable for a 2-4 bedroom home.

40' General Purpose or High Cube Shipping Containers. Our 40' shipping containers are most often used for larger homes. These are suitable for a 5+ bedroom home, or standard 2 to 4 bedroom home plus additional vehicles such as a car, trailer, or boat.

Reasons Why People Choose Us :

-> Premium Removal Service Guaranteed

-> Free Transit Insurance Included

-> Savings Up To 50% Compared to regular movers

-> No Last Minute Shocks!

-> Fixed Shipping Container Moving Price!

As Australia's leading container removalist, we are capable handling all your furniture moving needs from start to finish! that's why people choose us as their preferred & trusted shipping container removalists.