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As consumers, all of us are prone to accumulating possessions and we often store them out of sight in our homes until such time as we are forced to make space. However, when faced with moving home from one state to another, it quickly becomes clear exactly what is important for our present and future, and what items from the past must go.

If you are currently eliminating “stuff” from your home in the hope that you will be able to complete your move without professional assistance, then it’s worth looking into interstate removalists in Melbourne. While traditional movers come into the home, pack everything up and stow it on a truck for transit to its destination, here at You Pack Removals, we take the pressure off you, and allow you to make the tough decision you need to in a timeframe that fits your schedule.

How our Melbourne interstate removalist system works ?

Our system works in four easy steps as follows from your doorstep to your new home

Australian self pack Interstate Removalist

1. Choose the container size

Australian Interstate mover

2. We deliver container at your doorstep

Australian Interstate self pack mover

3. Pack your stuff into the container

Australian Interstate moving company

4. We deliver to your new address

Why Choosing DIY Interstate Removalists In Melbourne Has Become So Popular

You Pack interstate removals in Melbourne have been working with customers just like you since 2007. With over 15,000 successful moves on our books and a diverse client list, though unified in their satisfaction with our work, we are confident that we can afford you a smarter, more cost-effective way to complete your move.

We provide one of our 20’ interstate moving containers to each customer, which they can have on hire for up to 24 days to complete the loading and unloading process. The highest amount of insurance in the industry covers your valuables and possessions and a dedicated in-house professional support team that is ready to assist whenever you need them backs it up.

Even if you are new to the idea of self-packing, this approach has been a fixture of interstate moving in Melbourne VIC for some time. Its popularity has grown considerably in recent years for many reasons, as word spreads about its many benefits.

As with most services, lower costs are always an attractive feature. With DIY packing, you immediately eliminate the need to cover the costs of professional, experienced packers. The time and effort they spend are absorbed by you and your family or friends and this can result in savings of up to 50% when you choose the team here at You Pack Removals Melbourne.

When you need interstate removalists in Melbourne, regardless of where you are headed for in Australia, get in touch with us, or complete the online form to access an instant quote.

Peace of Mind Interstate Removals In Melbourne

With You Pack Removals, you tap into a nationwide service that is streamlined to deliver the best possible outcome. We prove all of the packing material that you will need, our equipment is new, our fleet is highly maintained and we believe in honest in our pricing, so you only pay what you expect to.

Trust is a major element of the moving process. While the cost of the goods, products and valuables you have is one thing, the emotional attachment you have is priceless. We understand this, which is why you can trust we never double handle goods and we provide you with secure, swift transit service that is built around your confidence and peace of mind.

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We are the go-to interstate removalists in Victoria because our approach allows you to take the packing work into your own hands, which enables you to pack in a more meaningful way. You choose which items go together, pack them in a manner that you feel is best and keep anything that you want on your person for the journey with you.