Packing Material For Interstate Furniture Moving


When people think about moving home, or office, those thoughts can sometimes be accompanied by a small degree of apprehension. This is not only from the act of moving itself, but because we often worry about our belongings and precious memories during transit.

However, if you plan the right way and use the right packing material, your goods will always get there on time and in one piece. It only takes a little planning…

By evenly distributing your precious cargo in a DIY Removals™ container the right way, your precious memories will arrive safe and sound. That’s because we know how to pack using the right packing materials and we deliver that knowledge onto you.

Moving should be a fun experience, so to simplify your move we’ve given you a couple of great packing ideas.
When moving interstate, packing materials are especially important due to the long distances involved.

Experience the difference today experience the You Pack Way!

Now you know why using You Pack Removals™ will make your move easier, a few packing tricks (and how to buy your packing supplies) that will shave hours off your move, and an easy way to save up to 50% off moving!

So what is the right packing material to use during a successful DIY pack?

  • Professional quality boxes: always get more cartons than are needed just in case you require more on the day you move you don’t want to be surprised. And make sure that you fill your boxes with no more than 30kg in weight.
  • Use standard white paper, bubble pack, foam peanuts and tissue paper. for cushioning instead of newspaper as they can sometimes stain items.
  • Use plastic bags to store screws nuts or bolts along with assembly instructions when disassembling any furnishings, beds, wardrobes, then tape it to the item itself.
  • 2 inch packing tape and heavy duty masking tape: Use these to close the prime and the bottom of a box to make certain that the base doesn’t tumble out.
  • A Stanley knife and scissors go a long way to cutting everything down to size.
  • Another good idea is to bedding, towels, and pillow cases to help buffer fragile items
  • Another great idea is to use coloured labels to mark your boxes, so you know exactly which box goes where it will save you time and effort.
  • Use a broad, felt-tipped permanent marker, or a labeller to clearly mark your boxes.
  • Lastly get all packaging material in bulk because you’ll save a load on costs.

It’s this sort of versatility and care that has made You Pack Removals™ the interstate removals company of choice: from individuals, families to small businesses to leading Australian companies around the nation.

If you would like to have a Packing Material Quote Please select from below Products:
50L Book/Glass Box
465W x 360L x 300D
Wine Box
490W x 325L x 165D
Vacuum-Seal Storage Bag
90cm x 70cm
100L Tea Chest Box
465W x 360L x 600D
King Mattress Cover
1880W x 2500L x 300D
Bubble Wrap 50M
375mm x 50M
Port A Robe
600W x 446L x 992D
Queen & Double Mattress Cover
1600W x 2500L x 300D
75M x 48mm (Brown)
Picture Box 60L
75Wx 1040L x 775D
Single Mattress Cover
1250W x 2550L x 250D
Tape Dispenser
Plasma Box Small
Fits up to 102cm
Lounge Chair Cover
1000W x 2000L 2 800D
Butchers Paper 2.5KG
Plasma Box Medium
Fits up to 127cm
Dining Chair Cover
2 covers in pack
Marker Pen
Per marker
Plasma Box Large
Fits up to 152cm
3 Seat Lounge Cover
1000W x 3000L x 800D
Packing Knives
Toggle Lock.
Linen Box
505W x 915L x 320D
Furniture Blankets
3M x 1.8M
Rope Ties
50 Meters

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