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to move your treasures anywhere in Australia with extreme care. Pioneers in delivering insured, secured interstate furniture removals service, we pride ourselves in our award winning self load removals process can help you move with ease. You can save money & time with an uncompromising customer service. Our professional and friendly removals and storage experts are always keen to move your household or business effectively.

You Pack Removals™ are rated as reliable and experienced with a fixed interstate removalists cost model, we’re fully dedicated to move your personal belongings with uttermost care every single time, step-by-step, move-by-move Australia wide.

No matter where your move takes you, You Pack Removals™ team of expert movers will guide you throughout.

With a crowded market of interstate moving companies, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the most reliable and trustworthy team to hand over your valuables and goods to, but with You Pack Removals™ we’re different from the rest of the pack.

If you’re planning to move interstate due to a new job, shifting your business to a new location, or simply looking for a change, You Pack Removals™ will make your move efficient and affordable.

Experience the difference today

Experience the You Pack Way!

You Pack, We Move, You Save! With professional help and advice on packing your goods, to interstate DIY container removals, we’re there with you from start to finish.

Dedicated to quality self pack removals, we’ll provide you with a high quality new-build shipping containers, to pack your goods and belongings in before we relocate it to your new address anywhere in Australia.

It’s not just because of our attention to detail, or impeccable customer service that people like you choose us as their preferred cheap interstate removals company to move anywhere in Australia , it’s because we’ve been where you are right now, and we know that when you’re feeling a little stressed about finding a removalist company and moving interstate it’s the little things that make ALL the difference.

Over the years we’ve developed and enhanced our self pack removal techniques, so that we’re always able to help you save time with every move, make your interstate move easier, show you the best ways to move, and in the process help you save money! We are the best and

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with no compromise on service.

Any Job, Any Time with a Smile

Our highly experienced team of professionals will serve your needs no matter what the conditions are!

In saying that the safety of your goods is our biggest priority, which is why we treat your goods and belongings as if they were our own. You will always know that your precious memories and goods will arrive at your new destination safe, sound and secure.

Our fleet of DIY self pack Interstate Removal Containers are also constructed with the highest standards along with being fitted with tie rails to ensure that your goods are safe and secure during transit.

Any Size, Any Shape

You Pack Removals™ offers a number of specialized moving services dedicated to the transport of larger items such as cars, boats, and machinery. We even offer transport solutions for commercial freight, equipment, event and show freight.

Our services include clever packing tips and access to our secured storage facilities that will help you save time , free blankets and ropes to make your move safer, great savings on your interstate removals online quote , hassle free move by best reviewed interstate removals company.

In fact, the great thing about our DIY packing solutions is that because you pack your own goods and belongings, we don’t need to hire staff to do it for you, so we pass those savings onto you, which means that you can save up to 50% off the cost of a normal

interstate moving


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We Are There Every Step

But we won’t just leave you to pack yourself, You Pack Removals™ will supply you with sound advice on the best way to pack your belongings, and take you wherever your life, or business wants to go.

We offer advice because we understand that moving, although exciting, can sometimes be a stressful experience for families and businesses. With You Pack Removals™ we’ll make your relocation an adventure without the hassles!

With a national team of skilled, dedicated and professionally trained interstate moving experts, you’ll know that your goods are always our number one objective! Our dedicated team will hold your hand throughout the entire journey, offering support, advice, expertise and results.

You Pack Removals™ will make your move simple, easy, and enjoyable :)

Cheap Interstate Removalists & Moving Company

If you are looking to coordinate an interstate move for personal or business reasons, you’ll understand that it can be difficult to find a trusted provider. There are lots of factors that you have to consider to really make the right choice and transport your belongings in a safe and cost-effective way.

Here at You Pack Removals, we have worked incredibly hard over the years to build up our offering and give our loyal customers the best experience possible. This effort means that when it comes to interstate removals, Australian based businesses and individuals can trust in us.

Here’s a closer look at our business and the service that we provide to help you better understand our offering and why we are the best interstate removal company.

Interstate Removals Australia

An interstate move is never easy. There’s an incredible amount for you to think about when it comes to logistics, timing, cost and more. This can make the whole experience very stressful and intimidating, but we want to reduce those feelings as much as possible.

Our entire offering aims to deliver you the best experience possible and everything that we do is defined by a strong focus on incredible customer service. Our entire team has been selected based on not only their abilities but their capacity to deliver friendly and compassionate service.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver everything with a smile to keep you happy and confident. This helps to make your experience go as pleasantly and effectively as possible – so that you can say goodbye to the stress of interstate moves!

Our Interstate Removal Company Provides Up to 24 Days of Hire

As professional and dedicated interstate removalists, we understand that you need the appropriate amount of time to be able to pack and unpack your various belongings. This is why we go above and beyond the competitors within our industry to offer you up to 24 days of hire.

This generous and practical hire period means that you have the appropriate amount of time to pack and unpack your belongings in a leisurely way. This means that you can work as methodically and accurately as possible to make sure you don’t miss any details or items.

The longer hire period again helps you to say goodbye to stress that comes when you work with a poor-quality interstate removal company.

Interstate Moving? Protect Your Belongings!

We understand that your possessions are incredibly important and valuable. You can rest assured that we treat every single one of those items with care and respect to make sure that they arrive at your destination in one piece. A big part of protecting your items is the equipment that we use.

Here at You Pack Removals, we constantly invest in the newest and most effective products. This means that we are able to protect your items as well as possible and move them effectively. All of our containers are specialized and purpose-built to offer you maximum space and protection.

Whether your items are fragile or robust, old or new, you can rest assured that they will be totally safe in our care. We make sure to constantly reinvest into new materials and containers, too, so you do not have to worry about getting a poor-quality containers from within our fleet.

Australia's Leading Interstate Movers: Providing the Highest Insurance Coverage in the Industry

We work with countless customers across Australia, and we transport a wide variety of items. It’s naturally our key goal to transport objects safely and effectively for our customers. If you’re transporting valuable items, though, you’ll want to protect yourself at every single opportunity.

This is why our insurance coverage of $250,000 is the highest in the industry. We go above and beyond for our customers to protect their range of valuable items. In the rare event that something were to happen to one of your products, you can rest assured that impressive insurance coverage will protect you.

Our high insurance coverage is appreciated by many of our customers, and it’s one of the key reasons we are the leading interstate movers in Australia that so many businesses across Australia decide to work with us.

The Interstate Movers Asutralia Trusts to Offer Cheap Interstate Removals

We have many years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. This experience means that we have worked with countless businesses and achieved lots of success over the years. You can draw confidence from our previous successes and rest assured that we have the skills and abilities necessary to safely transport your belongings.

Those results also mean that our offering has been honed and improved over the years. This means that we can offer cheap interstate removals to step your project costs from spiralling out of control. If you need a cost-effective provider who can give you the right type of price, why not get in touch and find out more about what we can do for you?

Moving House Interstate Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

Ultimately, everything that we offer helps to eliminate stress from your project. Our friendly customer service, professional focus and proven experience all come together to make sure that your experience is as pleasant and simple as possible.

If you are concerned about the complexity of your project and you’re worried about effectively transporting your belongings, be sure to work with us. You will be sure to find that our offering is more comprehensive and attractive when compared to the competitors in our space. Please also feel free to browse through our various reviews and success stories – you’ll find a lot of interesting and informative stories!

We're Proud to be the Leading Moving Company in Australia

Are you ready to get your project off the ground and transport your important belongings safely across state lines? Be sure to get in touch with us today. It will be our pleasure to interpret your brief and create a sophisticated action plan.

You will receive a prompt and detailed response from us to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We respect that your project is probably time-sensitive and we will do everything we can to take care of your project promptly.

Move Interstate in AusAre you looking to move yourself into a new home?

You Pack Removals are here to help. We sell secure and sturdy shipping and storage containers for people just like you. We have almost 15 years’ experience in the industry and top-of-the-range technology and equipment to move your belongings safely into your new home.

Why you Should Self-Move

Self-moving is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world as it is a lot cheaper than hiring a company to do the work for you – you can save up to 50% by hiring a shipping container.

It’s a lot more flexible than hiring a full-service crew. You can even hire our shipping containers for up to 24 days, so you’re not working against the clock. You can pack whenever you want to, however you want to, making the process completely yours to control. You’ll be the only person with a key to your container, so you won’t have to worry about anyone tampering with or mistreating your belongings while they’re being loaded and unloaded.

You can organise your container however you like to help determine what will come out first. For example, if you want to work room by room, you can load them room by room, or if you have something you need out first (normally beds and appliances), then you can load them up closest to the door, so they’re easy to get to. We’ll be there for you with tips on how best to pack, and we can even supply you with packing materials.

If you’re travelling long distance, self-moving with a shipping container means that there will be no extra journeys as our 20’ and 40’ containers have plenty of room to store everything you need. Our specialist equipment will be able to transport the container easily without you having to worry about your belongings being moved around inside.

Self Moving Saves Money & Works With Your Schedule

A self-move doesn’t mean we just drop off the container and leave you to it until it’s ready for delivery. We’re here for you throughout the whole packing journey. We offer a range of different packing materials from boxes to furniture and mattress covers as well as the smaller things like marker pens, tape, and bubble wrap. We make do it yourself removals easy.

We’ll also help you unload your container upon delivery. Sometimes you just need a rest so the stress of moving can disappear, so while we offer you up to 12 days to unload your container, our team will happily do it for you if you need them to. Or if you’re lucky enough to have helpful friends and family, they can help out – that’s the beauty of self-moving.

With 21 depots around Australia, it will take less than 20 hours to deliver the empty container to your house and moving the container to its new destination will be quick and effective via rail transport. If you’re all packed up but not quite ready to go, we can store your container in one of our depots until you’re ready for it to be delivered.

Prepare for Your Move with the Best Interstate Removalists in Victoria

If you are getting ready for a big move, you’ll want to be prepared. Taking the time to really think things through and make the most of your preparation time can help you throughout the moving process and into the future.

Choosing the interstate removalists Melbourne residents trust is just one part of the process – here’s a closer look at some of the top tips to help you strategize and prepare for your move.

Interstate Removalists Melbourne: Preparing for Your Move

Let’s just get right into the tips that you should follow when preparing for your move!

Create a Timeline

First things first, you can really help yourself by creating an accurate timeline that will help you to plot out your moving adventure. On one side you should put today’s date and on the other end, the date that you want to have everything unpacked and ready.

Start to work your way along the timeline and plot all of the important events along the way. Visualising the process in this way can really help you to see how much time you have! You’ll want to include a range of key activities like taking stock of your possessions, purchasing the necessary equipment, finding a provider and unpacking.

This timeline will help you to plan exactly when you should take care of the important steps below. Equipped with the timeline, you’ll be ready to go!

Develop Your Moving Budget

Moving is a complex process, and if you aren’t careful, it can end up costing quite a lot of money. You will find that you have to purchase a range of supplies and coordinate the move itself. You should list out all of those potential costs and add them together.

Try to be incredibly thorough and think as much as possible. This will help you to arrive at an accurate number that you can work with to better understand the process. As with your timeline, it’s going to help you feel better prepared and really take a hold of the process.

Choose What to Move

You should also work to create a detailed and comprehensive itinerary of everything that needs to be moved. These lists should be carefully and painstakingly written out so that you leave no stone unturned. Be sure to make important notes, too, like what the dismantling and installing process might look like.

If you can produce an accurate list, you’ll find it much easier when you’re coordinating quotes and talking with your potential suppliers.

Find the Right Provider

You’ll now want to find the Melbourne interstate removalists that can deliver on your project. You should be rigorous in your search and make sure that all of your questions are answered. You’re organising something very important, so it’s critical that you’re comfortable with your choice.

If you would like to make sure that your move is as successful and smooth as possible, be sure to get in touch with us today. It will be our pleasure to answer any of your questions and provide you with accurate quotes that help you to effectively coordinate your move.

The Best Interstate Removalists in Western Australia

If you are in the process of coordinating a move, you’ll want to make sure that you find a trusted provider to work with. These professionals can help your interstate move to go off without a hitch and get your important belongings from A to B in no time at all – without any damage or additional cost.

When it comes to interstate removalists Perth residents have a lot of options to choose from. In fact, it can make it quite difficult for you to make a choice! We want to give you a helping hand, so here’s a closer look at the steps you should follow to find the best Perth interstate removalists.

Interstate Moving & Removalists Perth: How to Choose the Best Removalist

It’s really simple to create a winning strategy when it comes to finding the right provider. This is what the process looks like.

Conduct your research

First things first, you’re going to want to hit the web and conduct your research. You should use a range of search terms to find all of the removalists that are operating in your area.

Now that you have that list, you’ll want to compare each one according to a range of criteria that you have found. This means that you should look for things like the reputation of the company, the areas that they cover, the equipment that they use and much more.

Create a shortlist

Now that you have a better idea of the companies out there and how they approach key parts of their business, it’s time to create a shortlist. You should assess those different options and make sure that you have a good idea of each.

You should make sure you have a good feeling about each of the businesses that you place on your shortlist. This is very important – you’re asking a very personal task of your provider, so you’ve got to feel comfortable and confident to eliminate the potential for stress!

Request your quotes

After you’ve whittled down your list, it’s time to start collecting your quotes. This is an important (and even fun) part of the process. You should create a template with as much information as possible and send this to each of the chosen providers using your preferred contact method.

Use this as an opportunity to assess the quality of each provider in terms of their customer support and communication. You’ll want to find companies that are professional and organised. They should also provide you with a fast and accurate response.

Compare and decide

Now that you have a range of quotes to look through, you should begin to compare them and see which one looks best. Of course, it’s not about just finding the lowest price – you want to find the best relationship between cost and quality.

You should feel free to quiz your various providers and ask them specifics. This is your choice, and you should ask what you need to feel as informed and empowered as possible – take your time!

We do hope that you will consider placing us on your shortlist! We offer our amazing services to hundreds of customers throughout Australia, and we have what it takes to make your move a success.

The Best Interstate Removalists in New South Wales

Are you preparing an interstate move but you’re lost when it comes to choosing a provider? This is a common issue, and many people struggle to find an appropriate provider for their needs. There’s a lot to think about, and with the range of Sydney interstate removalists out there, it can be particularly tough.

If you’re going to separate the good from the bad, you’re going to need to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a closer look at what makes a great removalist to help you in your search.

The Ideal Removalist

Here’s a look at the key qualities that you should look for when it comes to choosing a removalist.


First and foremost, you’ve got to try and work with a removalist who has the correct level of experience. Your chosen removalist should have years of experience and they should have performed a wide range of different jobs over the years.

This diverse range of experience means that your chosen removalist will be able to tackle your job and take care of any issues that might arise along the way. If you know that your provider has the relevant experience, you can rest assured that they will be able to take good care of your possessions and do whatever it takes to get them from A to B.


Coordinating a move can often be very stressful. You have to balance a wide range of logistical factors and you’ll often find that you put a lot of effort into making things work. The complex chain of events will effortlessly flow together, and you’ll figure out exactly how to get your belongings where you need them.

This means, of course, that you’re going to want to find a reliable provider. Your chosen partner should be able to fit seamlessly into your plans along the way and make sure that everything moves according to the right schedule. If your chosen provider is disruptive, you’ll find that your plans quickly fall apart and lots of inconvenience can be caused.


You are placing a huge amount of trust in your removalist by asking them to take care of your possessions and move them for you. This is why honesty and integrity are key virtues that you must look for in your removalist.

If you can trust your provider, you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly. You will be able to stop worrying and focus on the other elements of your move. To make sure that your chosen provider is trustworthy, you should be sure to look at their customer reviews and testimonials in more depth.

Cheap Interstate Movers & Removalists Sydney

We are the interstate removalists Sydney residents trust. We have years of experience in the industry, and it’s our pleasure to help people like yourself. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your interstate move, be sure to get in touch with us today – we look forward to providing you with the information that you need!

The Most Affordable Interstate Removalists in Adelaide

If you are looking for the best value option for interstate removals in Adelaide, You Pack Removals is the easy answer. You will save money, time, and frustration.

Moving is normally a stressful ordeal for most people. Movers are normally paid by the job and not by the hour, so they'll usually be trying to do everything as fast as possible. In any other situation, that could be looked at as a positive, but when it comes to moving, it's just going to add more to your stress.

We solve this problem for you by giving you more control over the whole process. You pack it, we move it. It allows you to experience less pressure, more certainty that nothing has been overlooked or forgotten, and less fear that your delicate items haven't been handled delicately. On top of all that, you're saving money compared to the other options.

How we're able to offer better deals than other Adelaide interstate removalists

Giving you full control over the packing of your belongings means a faster turnaround time for us on each delivery, while you still have the luxury of a leisurely 24 days to get everything packed up perfectly.

It's the same deal when it comes to unloading. There's no rush this way, so you have time to unpack everything properly and put things where you want. This is very different from the more typical moving scenario.

Doing things this way means our drivers spend less time on site, and they can devote all of their energy to what they do best, which is moving your things swiftly and safely to the destination. We're then able to pass on substantial savings to our customers.

Even more ways we are the best value interstate removalists in South Australia

Saving you money on moving is our priority, but it's not the only thing we're doing to ensure you are getting the best value.

For example, at no extra cost, your items are protected by $250,000 worth of insurance. If that's actually not enough to provide you with full coverage, there's also an option to purchase additional cover.

We also provide all the sundry items needed for the move, including ropes, blankets, and more. You will be delighted with the service we provide.

Also, unlike many other movers, we can get you between any two points in Australia, and not only the major cities, either. From the far south of Tasmania to the far north of Queensland, and all the way over to the massive expanse of Western Australia, we are proud that we can help anyone to move anywhere in the nation.

It's very easy for companies to claim they can offer you the best value deal, but we actually encourage you to put our claim to the test. We will happily provide you with a quote, and you can compare it to other services. You could find you will save up to 50% – and sometimes even more – when you choose You Pack Removals to help with your move.

Interstate "Self-Moving" Removalists in Brisbane

Moving is already stressful enough, so it shouldn't have to cost a fortune as well. Luckily it doesn't have to, as you can save up to 50% on your moving costs with You Pack Removals.

More than 15,000 Australian families have already put us to the test. The overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials we've received are a clear indication of the excellent service and value we're providing to customers. The same great savings and other benefits are there for you, too.

How we give a better deal than other Brisbane interstate removalists

What we are doing differently is we're turning over the responsibility of loading and unloading to you. This means you're able to save a lot of money compared to traditional removalist services. It also takes most of the stress out of the process as well.

The problem with ordinary moving services is that you have to stick to their schedule. Everything happens at a frantic pace, and there are many things to potentially worry you.

With all that hustle and bustle, it could be really easy for something to be overlooked or forgotten. It can also be a concern that delicate items could be damaged. These are not things you'll have worry about when you make your move with You Pack, because you do the packing and we do the moving.

You have up to a full 24 days for loading and unloading, which means you shouldn't feel the slightest hint of pressure. Once your container is all loaded up we use a relay system for all container transport, which means your cargo arrives swiftly and safely to the destination. The efficiency of our system also generates savings, which helps us keep our prices as low as possible.

Best choice of interstate removalists in Queensland

There are many reasons to make You Pack Removals your first choice, and our low price is only one of them. We're doing everything possible to deliver the best value to every customer in Brisbane, and everywhere in Australia.

The efficiency of our high speed relay transfer system allows us to quickly manage shipping container removals all over the country in the shortest possible time and with maximum safety. Every load has full insurance to the value of $250,000 (and you can optionally purchase extra cover if you need it).

We provide everything needed for the move, and you have plenty of time for loading and unloading, so it is easy to make sure it's done right.

There is no part of the country we don't deliver to. We make it possible to move from any place in Australia to any place in Australia. And no matter what, you will get a fantastic deal.

Anyone can claim to provide the best value, but we know for certain you will not find a better deal anywhere. You can put this to the test by comparing our quote to the quotes you receive other services. Most customers find savings up to 50% or even more when they choose us to provide their interstate removalist service.

The interstate removalists in Darwin who will give you the best value

Darwin's isolation from other major Australian cities has always been a complicating factor in moving. It's a situation that has gradually been improving, but the cost and difficulty have historically been unfavourable in comparison with moves between other regions.

The innovative approach to moving introduced by You Pack Removals has simplified the process and made it far more affordable for anyone moving to or from Darwin.

You Pack, We Move: Darwin Interstate Removalists

It all starts with concept our name implies. When you're moving house interstate, you pack and unpack your own stuff, and that part right there is an instant saving. Our efficient transport relay network also generates big savings, and as a bonus it is safer and quicker than more traditional methods used in removals.

Saving money and time while also having the best protection for your precious cargo probably is sufficient to entice your interest already, but there are many more benefits to choosing You Pack Removals.

Traditional interstate moving companies require you to fit in with the schedule of the moving company. That can be very stressful, because usually the movers will be in a big hurry. They will want to get all your stuff loaded up as quickly as possible so they can hit the road. It's a high pressure situation, and it can create some very real anxieties. Items might be overlooked and forgotten. Fragile items might not be handled with due care.

When you chose You Pack Removals, you don't have to worry about any of this, because you do the packing. Not only that, but you have up to a full 24 days for loading and unloading, which means there's no pressure at all. It's all in the name- you pack we move

Moving with You Pack Removals means saving money, efficiency of transport, cargo security, and it's also less stressful.

We Beat Out All Other Interstate Moving Companies in the Northern Territory

We've only been in business a short time, but we've already helped more than 15,000 families make their move. Our customers love the service they receive from us and the fantastic cost savings we offer compared to other interstate moving companies.

We also sweeten the deal with free insurance to the value of $250,000 on every shipment, free packing and moving equipment, and all the advice you could ever be in need of.

Our removalist system is so simple, it's just about impossible to go wrong, but we're always here for you, no matter what. So if you ever run into any problems at any stage of the process, or even if you just have a question you can't shake off, our support team will have the solutions you need.

Nobody can offer you a better deal on interstate removals in Darwin than You Pack Removals, because we designed our system right from the start to be all about giving you the best value possible.

Save money, get there quicker, and enjoy a calmer moving experience by choosing You Pack Removals.

So, if you’re ready to save time, money, and stress by self-moving without driving, give us a call on 1300882112 today for a chat, a quote, and some handy advice. Read Less