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June 24th, 2016

Preparing for moving interstate


As an interstate removals company with more than ten years of experience, we always advise our customers to begin preparing for their interstate removal days weeks in advance. There are things you can do to be ready for your interstate removals.

Here are a few tips:

– Purging. Begin purging your stuff when you begin to think of self-pack moving containers. Create three bins: “one for keeping stuff”, “ one for donating”, “discard”. Go through your clothes and toss into appropriate bins. Be brutally honest when assessing items and its worth or usage in your life. Once you’ve gone through clothing, it’s time to begin purging other things such as knick-knacks, toys, books, collections. Nothing should be safe from some level of purging. Remember, the more you purge, the less you need to have moved for you on removals day!

– Begin packing your things. Once you’ve discarded, kept, or donated, then it is time to start packing your possessions before your container arrives. Self-pack containers are the easiest way for you to store your things for safe transport. However starting as far in advance as you can, allows you to take your time and do a bit each day until the shipping container arrives. Start with things that are not everyday necessities. For example, only pack those cooking pots you are confident you won’t be needing in the coming weeks.

– Accurate labels. Be certain to label your boxes! However, this can be tricky. You will need to think about the placement of your current things in your new home. You will then need to decide how to label your boxes. You might want to mark them not by where they are now but by where they will be in the new house.

– Cleaning. As you purge and pack, you should clean! Take the time to sweep, dust or hoover so that you can save time come removals day.

– Wrap it up. If there is anything particularly delicate or sensitive pack it well. We’re happy to provide some wrapping or packing materials. Give us a ring to discuss.

– Valuable. Begin making plans for your valuables. What will you do with your jewelry and photo albums? Your most prized possessions should travel with you particularly anything of high or significant sentimental value! Valuables also include all important papers and documents. Be certain that you know what papers you will need for your departure or arrival in your new home such as birth records, leases, bank documents, and such.

– Eat it up. Start eating perishables from your food pantry and your refrigerator. It’s usually not possible to transport your icebox contents, so start eating things up in the weeks before your interstate removals. Nonperishables such as herbs and spices may be carried in your shipping container.

– Make plans for plants. What will you do with your decorative plants? They can travel with you if that is convenient or you can gift them to friends or neighbors. Shipping them in a container isn’t an option unless they are plastic plants.

– Plan ahead. Have you give thought to your arrival in your destination? Will you need to spend time in a hotel or temporary accommodation before being able to receive your shipping container? Plan to pack clothing and toiletries accordingly.

We are Australian owned and operated interstate moving company with 21 depot locations across Australia. We specialize in interstate self-pack moving and shipping containers. We are fully insured to the sum of $250,000 per shipment. If you need an affordable interstate removalist, we are that company. We have built our reputation based on 15,000 happy customers.

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