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Moving to perth!
Moving to perth!
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Pubslished In: March 4, 2016

You’re going to be moving from Perth! You’ve engaged You Pack Removals because you know they’re considered the leaders in self pack removals and you’d like to pack your own belongings prior to the move. However, you’re now standing in the center of your sitting room looking around not certain where to start packing or even how to start packing. You Pack Removals website offered some brilliant tips you can easily apply to your self-packing move. It’s really not as complicated as one might think standing in the midst of their clutter! Remember, You Pack Removals will handle your interstate removals process after you fill a shipping container. Unless this is a last minute move, you more than likely have time to think through the move and ready your belongings!

Here are ten tips combined with some of our suggestions:

1) Pack an overnight bag with 1 to 3 days worth of clothes and toiletries so you don’t arrive at your destination needing to plow through boxes in search of your underpants!

2) Utilise several clear plastic bins to pack those items you’re most likely to need first upon arrival at your new home such as kitchen and bathroom items, bed linens, and items you might need to begin organizing items into your new home such as drawer liners, tape, paper towels, etc.

3) Arrange to have your new home professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and arrival of your shipping container with your boxes. Yes, you’ll need to clean again after opening boxes and packing materials, but you want to be certain cabinets and closets have been thoroughly cleaned and ready to accept items.

4) Use plastic wrap to wrap around your drawers with clothing to keep everything intact without needing to box up all your clothes. You can also use plastic wrap to put around jewelry boxes to keep jewelry in place.

5) Begin eating the food in your home so as to not have to worry about needing to be rid of food on the day of your move.

6) Snap a photo of the back of your televisions and computers to capture how to replug everything back in by referring to the photograph at your new home.

7) Create and inventory list of all your boxes by numbering them. Use any picnic hampers your own or other empty boxes to store items. Capture space in your things wherever you can.

8) You can use those space-saver bags you vacuum air out of to shrink down the bulk of packed clothing. The less space you use, the less boxes you will need to purchase or use.

9) Donate! Sell! Be rid of anything you no longer need or use before you pack it up and have it transported to your next home. Moving, especially self-packing moves, are a perfect time to sort through your belongings and donate to charity or sell that which you no longer need or use. Most things are excepted by charities, including books which are heavy to transport, and you would be surprised by what others want to buy!
10) Color code and label well your boxes. Assign colors to rooms such as pink for bathrooms and green for sitting rooms. Make sure each box is labeled clearly with its contents listed. For example, bedroom/linens/double bed.

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