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Australians are on the move!
Australians are on the move!
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Pubslished In: March 4, 2016

Victoria recorded its greatest number of interstate migration in more than 40 years! Most of the new arrivals came from New South Wales followed by South Australia and Western Australia, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics. In the Western Territory and Queensland, more residents left the state than arrived in 2014. Many of these residents will turn to self pack container removals for their moves. Why? self pack removals offers an extremely economical and uncomplicated way to move interstate. For those on a budget, it is an especially attractive option. For those who’d like some control over the process, it’s also a great option.

WHY self-pack removals?

Self pack removals allows you a lot of flexibility with your household belongings. You Pack will deliver a sturdy shipping container in great condition to your home and place on the ground outside. You are then able to load your belongings. You are not at the mercy of a traditional interstate removalists sorting through your belongings and then packing them as they see fit and tossing them into a lorry. You are able to pack up your household at your convenience over hours, days, or weeks, if you like. Many of our clients begin packing as soon as the decision to move is made, taking their time until the day the You Pack shipping container arrives at their home. It’s that simple!

interstate removals company. You will pack your own things. Self pack removals can save you up to 50% of traditional moving expenses.

QUESTIONS – frequently asked:
1) How should I pack my things? Well, we have several blog articles on this topic, but we’re also happy to discuss this with you! While we are experts at interstate removals, we know a lot about packing and are happy to address your questions.

2) How do I know my things will be safe? All our drivers are skilled, professional, and reliable with experience working for us. We guarantee your items will arrive at your destination in good shape.

3) Do I put the boxes into the container myself? Yes, you move your boxed/packed belongings into the shipping containers. (It’s a great time to call in a favor from your best mate!) If you would like to hire some help to move your belongings into the container, talk to us. We can advise you on this as well!

4) Do you provide temporary storage? Yes, in most cases we can provide temporary storage of your belongings until you would like them delivered to their final destination. Please call us to discuss storage, costs, and availability.