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January 21st, 2016

DIY Interstate Removals – An Alternative to Traditional Interstate Removalists


You have made the life-changing decision to move from Melbourne to Sydney, but are in no rush. You have plenty of time to plan your move and engage an interstate removalist. However, once you begin ringing removalists, you realize the costs are astounding! Typical Australian interstate removalists can cost you thousands of dollars – something you weren’t quite prepared for and had not budgeted for, either. As this is not a corporate relocation, you will, unfortunately, need to pay for the move yourself. You do have options, however, when it comes to efficient interstate removals .
A recent survey of 1000 people by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) several years ago found that people chose price as the determining factor when selecting a removalist rather than quality or expertise. However, you don’t have to give up quality in order to save money. You just have to look beyond a non-traditional removalist!
You Pack Removals, specialists in self pack removals , offers a convenient and less expensive alternative to the typical removalists. You pack and we move. Simple as that!


The cost difference between You Pack Removals and traditional removalists can be significant. Unlike traditional removalists, You Pack Removals provides interstate moving of your belongings after YOU have packed them and move them into a shipping container we deliver to your new address. You do not need to transport your own belongings. We do that for you! Most of the moving process is under your control except for the transportation of your belongings. You are able to pack your own belongings at your convenience – saving you a great deal of money.


You contact us to discuss your move, and we help you to select the correct size of shipping container. (We offer two sizes: 20′ and 40′ for your move.) At a pre-arranged time, we will deliver a sturdy, high-quality shipping container to your site. This allows you the opportunity to pack your items at your convenience and in the privacy of your own home. We’re always available for advice on packing, and if you’d rather not pack your belongings yourself, we can recommend professional packers. However, remember that part of the significant savings with the You Pack method, is saving on the labor costs of packing.
Once your items are packed, you can load them into the shipping container at your convenience. If you need assistance with moving your items into the shipping container, we can provide recommendations on that as well as the packers. We arrive to pick up your container and transport it to your next location. Your belongings arrive in the shipping container safely at your next destination. You can then unload on the other end and unpack your belongings.
The You Pack Removals method is simple, manageable, and affordable. The You Pack method works well and is one of the fastest growing removals systems in Australia. Customers have found it a reliable and convenient way to move interstate.
You Pack also offers storage if you find yourself in need of storing your belongings at any point – whether we’ve transported your belongings or not. Give us a call to discuss your move with our container removals expert!

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