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May 24th, 2018

self pack shipping container moving


Moving is one of the most thrilling but also expensive things to do. This becomes even more daunting when you have lots of furniture and you are on a budget. Most families tend to have a household full of several appliances and furniture which makes moving an ordeal. Regardless of this, there are still plenty of ways that anyone can employ to save some money. The trick is to prepare yourself earlier and come up with an effective moving plan ahead of the moving day. With a little research, planning, and hard work, even people with a lot of furniture can move without spending loads of cash during the whole process. With that, here are five guidelines on the cheapest way to move furniture interstate.

Start planning earlier

Time is money and, therefore, planning your time well is a good step towards having a smooth house moving process. Planning earlier enables you to organise all your moving tasks well thus helping you avoid any unnecessary expenses due to last minute rushes. Flexibility is also a very important factor when it comes to a cost effective interstate move. When you plan earlier, you will definitely be more flexible with the dates. This means that you will be more able to take into account some cost-reducing factors when choosing the dates.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

It is very important to assess your stuff to determine what you want to take with you during the move and those that you should leave behind. This is your chance to get rid of your old furniture that you won’t need anymore. You should also consider leaving some of your stuff if your new house is quite smaller or you are moving in with someone who has cooler versions of your furniture. A great way to get rid of these things is by organizing a yard sale. Through this you will earn some extra cash that will help you sort some of your moving expenses. It is advisable to start this sale a few weeks before the moving date to ensure people have enough time to buy the stuff.

Hire a self pack container

Since you are moving on a tight budget, it is important to weigh all your moving options and pick the one that is most cost effective. Taking into account that an average interstate move costs approximately $4,700, it is safe to conclude that professional moving services are quite expensive to afford. The second best option and arguably the most cost effective alternative to hiring professional movers is hiring a self pack shipping container moving company. This is a professional container that you order and pack all by yourself and at your convenience. The container is dropped at your house, you pack it yourself, and a professional driver safely drives it to your new home. The good thing is that they will help you calculate the estimated time for your interstate move using the interstate moving calculator.

Pack all you can by yourself

When packing household items, home owners can choose between packing the items themselves and having a moving company pack some of the items. If you don’t have any special items that may need special attention, it is advisable to pack the items yourself. This helps you save a lot of money whether you are moving locally or interstate. Although packing your household items may take you some time, with a good plan it will be much easier and worthwhile. All you have to do is begin the process at least two weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to properly pack all your items.

Ask some friends for help

Having your friends help you out not only makes the various tasks easier to complete, but also improves your overall moving experience. Whether your friends will help you with the normally laborious moving task or just hang around for emotional support, it is very important to have them around. You just have to let them know your moving date in advance so that they can create time.

Moving furniture on a budget is a great challenge especially when you are moving interstate. Hopefully, with these guidelines you will be able to speed up the process and also save some meaningful cash.

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