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April 10th, 2018

How Much Does It Cost To Move Interstate


We realise that when you engage us as moving interstate specialist , you are trusting us, not just with your things, but with your households or business. We recognise and appreciate that you are entrusting us to move your home or business safely and reliably from one location to the next. We are the removalists of choice for both domestic and many small and medium businesses across Australia because they recognise the value of working with us as reputable and locally-owned self-packing removalists.

We offer an inexpensive and reliable removals process favoured by both small businesses and homes across Australia. Rather than entrusting your belongings to a traditional removalist, you can retain significant oversight and control of your removals when you select a self-packing method and choose us at You Pack.

You pack it. We ship it.

People hire us when they think about how much does it cost to move interstate , many of them are familiar with self-packing option ,can pack up things up at their convenience with complete oversight on their end. How and when they pack is entirely up to them. They can choose to do it themselves or engage professional packers. We can recommend professional packers or provide guidance on what packing supplies and materials you will need. Self-packing allows a business the ability to organize, catalogue, and prepare their things as they see fit. Many companies find that by packing things up themselves, it is an excellent time to organize and purge outdated files and records.

Self-packing means that you save significantly on costs because there are no labor costs to pay. With most traditional removalists, labor and transport are usually the most significant portion of costs. Eliminate labor costs for packing, and you save significantly on your removals. With You Pack Australia, your labor costs are your lorry driver who will be transporting your shipment interstate anywhere across Australia. It’s a simple, straightforward method for removals which is why small businesses favor it when they’re on a budget – and what small business isn’t on a budget. Why waste money when you don’t have to?

How it works:

Once you know you will be making an interstate move, you can ring us up to discuss your business’ needs, shipping dates, destination, any storage needs you might have, and to ask any questions you might have. We can help you select the appropriate size of a shipping container (we only provide the highest quality steel containers) and whether you will need more than one. We make arrangements with you to deliver the container/s to your site, and we place it on a flat, convenient location for you to load up. It is your responsibility to load your things into the container. If you need help with that, let us know, and we can provide some referrals. Small businesses sometimes like to pack their offices up, but prefer to hire someone to move the boxes into the containers. We’re happy to help with recommendations!

When your shipping container is ready for us to pick up, we return. You can entrust us to deliver your things to your new destination reliably and safely with one of our professional drivers at the helm. If you need temporary storage on either end before taking delivery at your new address, we have storage depots across the country ready to receive your container. Sometimes clients have some lag time between taking possession of their new office either for leasing or renovations. Our storage depots are the perfect solution!

At your new destination, we will place the shipping container conveniently for you to empty your things out. Again, if you feel you need assistance with unpacking the container by hiring professionals, we are happy to provide recommendations. Once the shipping container is empty, we return to pick it up. It’s as simple as that!

Self-packing removals using shipping containers is the cheapest way for a small company or business to move interstate. We have experience and have built our reputation on our reliability. When you choose us for business interstate removals, you select one of the best in the country. We understand the needs of a small business.

Contact us today for a reliable quote or fill in our online quote on our website. You will hear from us shortly and be well on your way to your new destination!!

Are you ready to move?

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