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October 3rd, 2018

Quarantine rules for moving interstate using shipping container


The best thing about moving using a self packing container is that you will save on expenses as you safely transport your household items interstate within Australia. However, since you will be doing the move alone, there is some few safety precautions and in some states quarantine restrictions that you will need to take into consideration. When moving your home, it is very easy to carry Pests, diseases, and even weeds from your previous state to your new state. This is why there are restrictions on what you can move interstate using shipping containers. Since you will be doing the move yourself, it is very important to familiarize yourself with these regulations and know what not to pack. To help you avoid possible surprises and save you time during the process, here is a list of hazardous stuff that you shouldn’t pack in self pack containers when moving.

Hazardous stuff that you shouldn’t pack in self pack containers when moving or just travelling with in Australia

• Flammable Materials

Flammable materials like gas bottles should not transported in a shipping container due to the temperature fluctuations which can occur. If you have LPG gas bottles, ensure that they are emptied safely by a qualified professional and they are stored away from any ignition sources.

• Chemicals and Explosives

Due to the risk of fire and explosion, chemicals and any other items that have an explosive or combustible nature should not be moved interstate using a shipping container. These might include fertilizers, fuels, pool chemicals, cleaning chemicals, fireworks, motor oils, paint thinners, acids, aerosols and lighter fluids, munitions, chemistry sets, car batteries, lamp oils, paints, weed killers and anything else that is highly flammable and combustible.

• Firearms and ammunition:

If you have any firearms that you own lawfully, you may only have them in a container when they are unloaded and out of reach or better still, locked somewhere. This also applies when you are moving ammunition.

• Lawnmowers and gardening equipment

If you have any gardening equipments, you should ensure that they have petrol totally drained from their tanks. They will also need to be steam cleaned.

• Alcohol

If you have a wine collection and is planning to take it with you, you should be aware that most Australian states enforce some variation of the open container policy. Since some states prohibit the possession of open alcoholic containers in certain areas of a motor vehicle, ensure that you know the policies for the states you are planning to travel through.

• Plants

To prevent the spread of various pests and diseases, there are certain plants that are prohibited in movement. Other plants may require a certificate of inspection to be transported. Most states, especially the states in Western Australia, have their own regulations for importing plants and vegetation from other states.

• Exotic animals

Transporting exotic pets such as certain kinds of snakes and large felines is also prohibited in some Australian states. In fact, some states have completely banned the possession of such animals.

Moving perishable goods interstate

While perishables goods are not dangerous to the state, they can cause damage to your household items if they are not packed and stored properly. Therefore, you should always include perishable foods and plants in your list of things-not-to-pack in a shipping container. Even though they are not toxic, they can attract pests like bug and rats which will in turn damage your property. Some of the most common perishable goods include frozen or refrigerated food, farm produce, open food items, fresh herbs, flowers, and liquids. You should avoid moving interstate with liquids unless they are packed correctly. Liquids such as red wine can also cause a great damage to your other household items in case the bottles fracture.


Most probably, you are surprised to see some of the items listed above as hazardous. However, there are usually very good reasons to have them in the list. Apart from the above items, you can freely pack anything else comfortably in your self-pack shipping container. To avoid disappointment during your move, ensure that you have begun dealing with all items that need to be properly prepared before they are loaded onto a vehicle. For the dangerous items including flammable, corrosive, and explosive materials, you can call your local recycling pickup service, closest Environmental Protection Agency, or fire station to find out ways on how you can properly dispose them. For the items that can be sold, you can plan a yard or garage sale on weekends when most families are free to visit. Another good option is to sell them online using websites like eBay, craigslist, or Facebook market places.

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