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February 2nd, 2016

Moving interstate with children

Are you moving with children interstate and a little concerned about the move, especially a self pack removals? Do not be concerned. There are tremendous advantages to packing for yourself when you have children. You have a lot more control over your move, giving you the opportunity to label the boxes for yourself using your own method at your convenience. Just think of the money you save from using You Pack Removalists!

We understand that finding best interstate removalist and moving with children can be a bit trickier, so we’ve put together a list we can share for moving with children. We’d love to hear of any other tips you might have based on your own moving experiences! Feel free to send them to us.

1) Be certain you’ve contacted your children’s new school prior to commencing your move. Make sure you bring with you all the necessary forms and documents for the first day of school or to complete registration.

2) If possible, visit the school with your children prior to their first day of school. Take a tour, meet their new teachers – especially if they will be begin school mid-year.

3) Change your address before you actually move. It can take weeks for some change of addresses to go through such as with magazines.

4) Even if you don’t currently subscribe to your local paper, it can be a good idea at your new home to subscribe. It helps you become familiarized with your new town and local events and activities for children! You’ll also find some great deals in your new town’s papers. Look for events where they have the opportunity to meet neighborhood kids and begin making new friends!

5) Pack your children’s favorite belongings (toys, pajamas, etc) into a box that you’ve clearly labeled and can get to easily upon arriving at your new destination. Allow them to decorate that box with stickers and markers. It’s their box after all. Be sure to explain to them that the box will be shipped and they won’t see it until they arrive in their new home! Think about holding a brand new toy until you arrive at your new home for something new and exciting for them to have in their new home.

6) Pack a smaller box or suitcase with other MOST favorite items that instead of shipping you can bring along with you on your move. You can pull things out in between homes to allow them to feel comforted by things they know and love! Don’t forget to bring several days worth of clothing for them to eliminate digging through boxes on the other end.

7) It’s best if you can keep the kids busy and away from your home on the day your loading up and on the day you’re unloading at your new home. It’s a busy chaotic day and can be disconcerting for younger children – not to mention dangerous.

8) Unpack and organize their room first. You want them to feel immediately at “home” in their new home surrounded by their favorite things and bedroom items.

9) Relax! Arrive at your new home ready for a new adventure and get them excited. A self pack removals can go splendidly and you can feel you’ve accomplished much.

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