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April 6th, 2017

Best Way To Move Furniture Interstate


You Pack Removals offer an economical and straightforward solution to move your furniture interstate in Australia . our , self-pack shipping container removals system allows you to get everything you need to move stress free. Locally-owned and operated with more than 16000 customers and over 26 depot locations across Australia , we make it simple to save money while retaining control over your move and your things.

Here is how self-packing shipping container removals work:

1) You contact us to schedule a removal or interstate container transport

2) We deliver a shipping container directly to your home or office at an agreed time and place.

3) You pack up the container at your convenience over several days.

4) We pick up the container and deliver it safely to your final destination.

It’s as simple as that, and it is the cheapest way to move interstate!

Why Our Clients Love Us:

We are the cheapest way to move interstate – and, that’s why our clients love us! We are also the leading experts in self-pack shipping container removal. We know that moving can be stressful and expensive if you let someone else oversee your entire move. By engaging U Pack Removals, you are simplifying the removals process and working with qualified professionals while saving money. This is why self-pack removals are such a rapidly growing industry!

Our Shipping Containers:

You can expect top-quality construction from our 20 ft or 40 ft shipping containers. There’s no need to be concerned about your things when you use one of our containers. If you are uncertain which size of container you need to accommodate all of your belongings, just contact our offices. We can help you estimate the right-sized container for your load.


When you are ready to begin the removals process, you can call us to schedule the delivery of a shipping container to your home or office. We will bring a container to you and leave it for you to fill at your convenience.


At your convenience, and on your schedule, you can pack your belongings and then load them into the container. Most of our clients opt to pack for themselves to have some control over their removals and to save money. However, if you would like help with packing or loading your things into our container, we are happy to recommend professionals who can safely pack your belongings and then move them into your container. We also offer our clients various packing materials to help them secure their belongings. You can purchase from us different types of packing boxes, mattress covers, or bubble wrap.


When you’re ready, we will pick up the shipping container and securely and safely deliver it along with all of your belongings to your next interstate destination in Australia. Rest assured that all of our drivers are qualified professionals ready to treat your belongings with the utmost care.


If you are not ready to take possession of your things, we offer secure storage depots across the country where we can hold your shipping container until you are ready. Just give us the word, and we can deliver the shipping container to wherever you need when you need it.

If you need to arrange an interstate removal, contact us at You Pack Removals Australia. We work with clients throughout the country. You won’t find a better container removals company in Australia and we are the cheapest way to move interstate!

Are you ready to move?

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