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June 30th, 2016

Leaders in shipping container Conversions and Modifications


You Pack Removals of Australia offers quality shipping containers for sale. If you are ready to join the growing international movement which is smartly modifying shipping containers for any number of uses, we can provide you with a container. We offer 20ft and 40ft containers of the highest quality metal possible for shipping containers.

We are the country’s leader in shipping containers either for moving or modification. All of our containers are specifically designed to safely and reliable handle an interstate move. It is what makes them ideal to be modified for other purposes. Please note, we do not modify them for interstate moving.

We can help you turn a container into pretty much anything. Here are just a few ideas for a U Pack Shipping Container:

You can use one of our containers to brand your company. If you’d like a shipping container for branding purposes, we have the in-house capacity with designers able to assist you. You can adhere or paint your logo or brand onto the side of a container you can then use for a variety of reasons including shipping, storage, and to add additional square footage to your company’s footprint.
If you’d like to open a kiosk at a trade fair or for retail purposes, our containers are perfect for those reasons as well! In fact, it’s become a popular recycling use for previously-used containers! We can offer either a used or brand-new container. Contact us to discuss your needs!
The Tiny House(1) movement has taken hold across the world and for good reasons. Shipping containers are easily modified to create a tiny home. Tiny homes can be used as vacation or second homes, charitable causes such as housing the homeless, and as primary homes for individuals wanting to simplify their lives and living expenses. In some cases, shipping containers are being modified to use as rental cottages.
Your shipping container home (2) doesn’t have to be tiny. Thousands have worked with a designer to create a more average or larger-sized home. Their use for creating house is stunning, to say the least. Click on the link to view some brilliant examples of what you can do by combining several shipping containers in creative but useful ways.
Shipping containers also can be modified for other uses(3) from building furniture to providing patio shade to using a container or more to add floor space to an existing building. Its uses are only limited by your creativity.

As the leading Australian shipping container specialists, we provide shipping containers for your self-pack move or modification. Either way, you can rely on our quality containers to meet your needs safely.

For self-pack moving purposes, we can deliver a container to your home. You pack it at your convenience and about 72 hours later, we return to pick up the packed container. It is delivered, often within 48 hours, to your destination. Self-pack moving with shipping containers is the cheapest way to move interstate!

Call us to discuss your moving needs or how you can modify a shipping container for other uses!

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