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March 2nd, 2023

What Do You need to Know When Moving Homes?

At last, you’ve acquired the keys to your ideal home. But still, you must now handle the significant step of moving homes. That may be thrilling and stressful, especially if you are moving interstate. You spend your free time trying to recall which utility bills you have cancelled when you aren’t putting clothing away.

The key to the process going much smoother is being organised and staying on top of your moving home to-do list. We won’t relocate too often over our lives. As a consequence, you cannot anticipate becoming an expert. Still, with our moving home checklist, you’ll be a pro in no time.

The Key Steps for Moving Homes

While relocating to a new home, many things must be considered and tackled. Other significant duties are preventing you from really settling in besides unpacking. Being a homeowner requires you to develop a relationship with your home and set priorities for the tasks you wish to do.

According to expert interstate movers, getting everything right from the start is preferable rather than waiting and thinking you’ll figure it out later. You have a lot going on right now. Thus, we’ve compiled this fast list of the most crucial things you need to accomplish while moving into a new home to help you organise your to-do list.

1. Estimate What Needs To Be Moved

Make an effort to determine how much needs to be moved and how it will be carried. If you plan your move beforehand, it will save you time and money in the long term.

  • Consider how it will be to remove your possessions from your present residence and how simple it will be to reach your new residence.
  • Do you need to climb any stairs?
  • Do you need to dismantle your furniture beforehand, or are the doorways wide enough for it?

In certain circumstances, thinking about how the trip will proceed could be a good idea. How much will it cost in fuel if you’re traveling long distance? Would your possessions need additional security owing to unpaved roads or rural elements like livestock grids? The best interstate removalists will help you with the estimation process and plan accordingly.

2. Redirect Your Mail

Use the local postal redirection service to ensure that any bills or other mail for which you have not changed your addresses still reach you if you are unsure who will be moving into the home you are vacating.

If you continue to receive large amounts of mail for months, you may continue to have your mail rerouted for three, six, or twelve months, and even longer, with a local redirection agency. It’s important to remember that if mail isn’t forwarded, you must contact the sender and either change your address or request for it to be removed from its mailing list.

This is crucial since any invoices you don’t get and don’t pay will harm your credit history. A debt collection agency may find you if you have unpaid invoices. Identity theft is also more likely when there are stray letters. Any reputable interstate moving company can put you in touch with local agencies for mail redirection.

3. Child Proof Your New Home

Top interstate removalists always recommend childproofing your new home to protect your kids or pets from danger. The first stage in childproofing a new house, whether you have a newborn, young child, or even furry four-legged children, will be keeping everyone safe until you can set up your whole system.

Childproof your home by separating the area where used packing materials are kept from children or pets as soon as possible. Furthermore, it entails fencing off dangerous locations that are not guarded.

Covering outlets and making sure all windows are shut securely and have no long dangling cables from the blinds are necessary precautions. Furthermore, you must relocate any small appliances with electrical wires so that they are out of the way at the back of the counter, against the wall, or in top cabinets. Last but not least, secure the bathroom cabinets and install childproof doorknobs.

4. Set Up Utilities

Ideally, before moving into your new home, you took care of making arrangements to have your utilities moved or set up. Ensure that everything is functional and ready to go.

Ensure your electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling, telephone, and internet are set up before moving. Next, contact your neighborhood waste management company to confirm that garbage pickup is also set up for your new home.

Utility companies may need access to your new home, which might cause a delay in connecting. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to ensure you have a backup plan. You can ensure your new home is ready before contacting your packing removal company.

Check again to see if there are any unpaid rent or utility bills. It can be beneficial to pay them off before you relocate if you can or inform your service provider that you are doing so. This will lessen the possibility of misplacing the documentation or unintentionally racking up late fines.

Get Ready Before the Big Move!

The best moving company will tell you that foresight and pre-planning are better than procrastination. Moving may be a hectic period that often requires a lot of meticulous preparation and physical exertion.

Many of us have moved homes several times during our lives. So, we are aware of the numerous logistics that go into every good relocation. We have created a moving home checklist of some of the regular tasks you would need to do before you shut your front door for the last time and set up your new home.

For more information on moving homes or how to prepare for your move get in touch with You Pack Removals or send an online enquiry, we’re here to help!

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