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June 28th, 2016

Two important things to consider for moving – Moving Interstate Tips


As an Australian-expert interstate moving company, we happy to offer two very important points to consider before doing an interstate move:

1) Choose the right interstate removals company.
2) Understand the importance of having transit insurance and ask the moving company if they provide it.

Point 1)
Selecting the right interstate removals company can make the difference between a smooth move and a challenging one where your items may not arrive in their original state while paying exorbitant rates. When considering a company, you should begin with your budget and proceed from there. Be certain to interview companies based on what they offer in comparison to what you can afford or what you want them to do. Also, be certain to obtain their promises on paper!
As experts in self-pack removals, we are one of the cheapest – if not the cheapest – options available on the market for interstate moving. Why? Because you pack your belongings yourself. We deliver a quality and safe shipping container to your home and your load your packed and boxed items into the container. We then deliver the container to your next destination. This is how you can keep costs reasonable and retain a certain level of control over your packing, belongings, and the move itself.

Point 2)
A very important consideration of any move and selection of a removals company is the idea of transit insurance. Does the company provide insurance? Can your purchase the insurance? What does the insurance cover and how much in AUD does it cover?
Not every company offers transit insurance although it can be hugely important to protect yourself and your items from the time it leaves your home until it arrives at your new home. This is an important conversation that many consumers neglect to have with a removals company before hiring them. Remember, that it’s important to have it BEFORE you hire a company being very clear that you understand how much it covers and what it covers of your belongings.
We usually recommend that any irreplaceable item such as sentimentally important jewelry (your grandmother’s pearls, for example) are not sent through on any move. All of your irreplaceable jewelry or other items should travel with you whether you are driving or flying to your new city. If you are flying, do not check them through! Carry them with you on the plane where you can have eyes on them. All of your important documents should be treated the same way as well. No amount of insurance can replace sentimentally valuable pieces or account for the tremendous time involved in obtaining new documents such as birth certificates. We offer 250,000 AUD worth of moving insurance to all our clients. We are happy to discuss this further with you. We can explain what the insurance covers and why we highly recommend each client have it for their interstate move. Our moves are generally safe with no complications. However, one can’t account for a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.
It’s important to note that some moving companies do not offer transit insurance at all. This means you would be wise to purchase your own insurance.
If you would like more information about using our services as a self-pack removalist, please contact our offices. We have built a reputation on providing very ethical, reliable, and efficient interstate removal services!

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