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August 21st, 2018

Packing Furniture For Moving Interstate Is Easy Now

One of the major challenges that you will face when moving your home is how to pack furniture. Being one of the biggest components of a move, it is no secret that packing our furniture safely is a daunting task. Ideally, the methods that will work best when packing small household items will have nothing in common with the packing techniques needed for heavy and bulky items like furniture. In addition, you are at more risk of getting injuries and damages which can ass extra stress to an already difficult process. So how should you pack your furniture pieces for a move? Here are some much needed answers to help you properly pack your furniture for a move.

a. Making a Plan and Gathering Your Supplies

1. Make an inventory of your furniture – To make the whole self packing process smooth , first note down all the type of furniture pieces that you own. This will include their number and current condition. By doing this, you will be able to figure out what kind of packing materials you are going to need. Remember to only pack furniture that’s worth taking with you. You can find a way to get rid of that furniture that you will not be taking with you.

2. Purchase packing supplies – After you have completed your inventory, you will need various self pack removals packing supplies to move your furniture safely. In general, furniture should not be placed in a interstate removal truck or a shipping container without wrapping it first in some sort of protective material. For items like couches, you can wrap them in blankets and tape. For other furniture, you may need to purchase bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and a sealing tape.

3. Measure your furniture for moving – Now that you know the furniture you will be taking, now take accurate measurements of their depth, width, height, and also their diagonal dimensions. You will also need to measure the doors, entryways, height clearances, and stairways too. This will help you to determine how much space you will need to get them out of your old home and into your new home.

b. Disassemble your furniture for moving

1. Disassembling Large Items – To dissemble your furniture, start by removing all the cushions and turning the sofa onto its back. After that, unscrew the legs if they are removable and place them together with the cushions. Loosen the screw or bolts that secure the arms using an Allen key or a screwdriver and remove the arms. After that, remove the bolts that hold the separate pieces of the frame together and you are done. To take apart your bed, first strip it of all the beddings, pillows, and mattress and place them together. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the headboard and foot-board from the main frame.

2. Take pictures of each piece of furniture that you want to disassemble – Since you will need to put all the furniture pieces back together in your new home, it is important to take pictures of the disassembling process. This helps you have a visual reminder of how to do this. Take multiple pictures of each and every step of the process so that you can easily reference the pictures when you want to put the piece back together again.

3. Cover furniture with blankets or furniture pads- To protect your furniture during the move, wrap it carefully using old blankets or pads. Make sure that you have covered the top and bottom of the item. Take the plastic wrap and begin winding it around your wrapped piece of furniture starting from one end to the other. Apart from keeping the pads or blankets from shifting, the plastic wraps will also keep dirt from getting to your furniture when you are moving over a long distance.

c. Loading the Furniture

After you have finished packing all your furniture, it’s now time to load them onto the mover’s truck or a shipping container. Since couches can take up a lot of space, place them on their sides vertically. Place the heaviest and large items against the walls while ensuring that the weight is distributed evenly to make driving easier.


When it’s time to pack your furniture, you don’t need to over think about it. With these simple tips, you will have your furniture safely packed and ready for the move in the least possible time.

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