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March 26th, 2018

Interstate Removals Cost


Looking to move home or office belongings on a budget ?

Yes it can be achieved! Not every company does it but You Pack Removals continues to dominate in this space . We have mastered the art of saving money for our customers by providing cutting edge custom moving solutions . Our approach of moving your belongings is simple yet stress free. When you ring a moving company asking them to move , first answer you hear is we can move you anywhere! Don’t take that as an assurance unless you do your due diligence. Many transport companies can move customer furniture , only few companies can do it better. You Pack Removals are leading the pack in this space , we have adopted a unique moving solution to satisfy the customer needs which works around 3 step process of identifying , creating , implementing. Knowing your expected interstate removalists cost is also easy with You Pack Removals by using our interstate furniture removal calculator.

When you ring our office on 1300 882 112 , first thing you feel is the friendliness of our highly trained staff , once we identify your need , staff member will work with you by creating a stress free moving plan on budget, when the moving day arrives we implement it with ease. This process works in line with our goal of saving time and money along with peace of mind for our valued customers. You might have seen on our website and advertising material , that says You Pack We Move You Save , this is our business slogan and yes its as simple as it sounds.

As discussed above , when you choose the container size , you will get the container delivered with free packing material , you can pack your belongings at your own pace, when done , Our experienced driver will drive or rail it to your destination. During the transit time and till the container get delivered to your door step , our friendly staff members will keep the communication lines going all times. Our business runs mainly around putting customer first than anything else. This is what keeping us in the business from the last 10 years and putting us ahead of our competitors. Our team had expanded Australia wide with more than 21 depot locations and staff , you are always rest assured about communication, which is very important during the big move.

Unlike others we use quality shipping containers to move your belonging and furniture which is the best and cheapest way to move interstate , if you are worried about transit and security for your goods , we have got you covered with a free moving insurance of 250,000 added to your move! This will enable you to save money and hassle of losing or having damaged furniture delivered. For commercial customers we offer both side loader or tilt tray container transport solutions based on your requirement. Business customers will be provided with all the support with highly secured business container yards with 4 zone security system in place

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