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February 15th, 2024

How to Prepare Your House for Professional Movers

prepare for professional movers

Given the high level of stress associated with moving house, many people will sensibly opt for the help of professionals. This is particularly relevant for interstate removals, where the safe and secure transport of possessions and valuables over long distances adds to the stress.

Even a move over a short distance can be made easier and less stressful by using the services of a professional and affordable removalist company. Of course, even leaving it to the experts does mean a certain amount of planning and preparation – and this strategic focus will ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

Create More Space Before The Move

Decluttering is often a very difficult thing to do at any time, but it makes sense to bite the bullet and do it before moving. As well as it being a waste of time to pack up and then unpack things that will never actually be used, it could also affect the cost of the moving company due to additional space and time requirements.

The tried and true method of decluttering is to organise belongings into three piles – discard, donate, and keep. These piles can then be subject to further review but you will need to be ruthless – keeping something ‘just in case it’s needed in the future’ is usually a false economy.

Self Pack Checklist

Strategic packing means labelling boxes accurately and having an idea of priority – such as immediate, for your first night in the new place; priority – personal files and paperwork, medical scripts, current work documents; and then boxes containing specific room contents, such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. While professional movers will take every care with your items, clearly labelling fragile and breakable items gives you extra confidence and helps the removalists with their placement of boxes and containers.

While there are some removalists who will pack up everything for you, having the chance to do this yourself will ensure that you retain control and know where everything will be at the other end. Self-pack removalists will provide a container and all necessary packaging supplies to you, and then transport the container to your new address. A quality removalist service will assist you with a moving plan and checklist, and help with any packing queries.

Consume Perishable Food Items

Preparation to avoid food wastage is also something that is often not considered when planning a move, but with today’s cost of living situation – not to mention environmental and ethical considerations – using up perishable items is something to attend to in the week before moving. Non-perishable and pantry items are easy to pack into clearly labelled boxes, and long-life milk cartons are good to have on hand for that all important cup of coffee before tackling the unpacking!

Refrigerators and freezers need to be emptied, cleaned and aired out in time for them to dry completely before being moved.

Timing Is Key

Timing is something that can be better organised by sticking to a plan. Cleaning before a move is a big job, even for those with a regular cleaning schedule. Moving furniture that has been in place for years will always reveal a few surprises – generally not good ones. Using a professional cleaning services company can save a lot of stress and energy required for the actual move, but it’s important that this is not scheduled for packing day or for when the removalists are at your home.

Another important consideration is for those who have pets to arrange for their boarding or care  prior to moving day. This ensures that they are not stressed by all the activity, and that – importantly – they are not under the feet of the removalists. Even fish in a bowl or aquarium will be much safer if they are not part of the general chaos of moving day.

Saying Goodbye

For most people, moving house – and particularly moving interstate – can be a bittersweet experience, particularly for those who have lived in the same place for many years. This is an additional stress that many fail to consider.

Using professional, affordable removalists can at least help with a lot of the logistical stress, and leave you with the emotional energy to say goodbye – and hello to a new future.

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