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August 21st, 2018

Declutter Before Your Move

Whether you are trying to declutter for a move or just downsizing your household items for a much smaller home, minimising the size of your move can lighten the whole process. Apart from making packing hard, moving interstate can be even more expensive when you have a lot of household items. Thankfully, you can always reduce the cost of your move by minimising the amount of stuff you move. This involves taking a closer look at all of your household possessions and identifying the ones that you really don’t need any more. So if you are preparing to move out, here are things you should get rid of and help the movers get the job done faster.

1. Dispose of old liquids

In most cases, movers don’t allow people to bring liquids onto the truck or a shipping container. This is because liquids are a nightmare that is just waiting for the right time to happen. When liquids spill, it will spread to your other belongings and end up damaging them. In addition, there is no any great benefit that comes with moving liquids. Therefore, ensure that you only buy what you will use for the month before you. This way, you will have fewer liquids to throw away when it is finally the moving day.

2. Sell old clothes or donate

Clothes are probably one of the things that we have in surplus amounts. Most probably, your personal wardrobe will be completely superfluous during the moving day. Unless you have a good reason to keep all your clothing, you should consider selling or donating some of them, especially those that are old. This also should apply to your shoes since they are heavier than they seem. If you have any pairs that you haven’t worn in a long time, this may be a good time to leave them behind.

3. Resell old or damaged furniture

Furniture is usually very heavy and takes up a lot of room in the moving truck or a removal shipping container. They can also be a headache moving because of their weight. If you have any old furniture, you can take this opportunity to start a fresh by purchasing new furniture. You can sell your old, torn, or damaged furniture on sites like trading post or gum tree . You can also donate them to less fortunate families that would love a nicer sofa.

4. Books and magazines

You probably have a pile of books and magazines stacked up on one corner of your bedrooms. Books and magazines are extremely heavy when piled up and tend to take up a lot of space when boxed up. If you have any that you are sure you are not going to read and has no value keeping, you can give them away to friends or donate some. Also do this to all the filled up colouring books or puzzles that are missing one too many pieces.

5. Old financial paperwork

If you have saved up all your receipts and bills, these can really stack up over a long period of time. Since there is no reason to keep holding onto them any longer, this is the right time to free them up. In most cases, you can throw away your necessary documents like tax returns after seven years. However, it is important to dispose them carefully by shredding them. This will prevent your financial information and any other important document from getting into the wrong hands.

6. Dishes

Dishes are fond of piling up over time. Three plates and cups somehow always turn into 20 and before you know it you kitchen cabinet is full. Dishes are a real pain when it comes to moving. From packing them to transporting them, they need to be handled very carefully. They will need you to carefully wrap and placed them in a box to prevent breaking. Therefore, if you have any dishes, plates, and bowl that you haven’t used it in a year or have a hodge-podge mix of plates and cups, use this as an opportunity to ditch them and get a new set.

Talk To The Removal Experts

Downsizing can make your upcoming self pack removals go much faster and have a smooth transition into your new home. Since most interstate removals charge per hour, the fewer the boxes you have, the less it will cost you to get them moved. Furthermore, you will spend less time organizing and more time enjoying your new home! If you feel that you have accumulate a lot of stuff, take advantage of your upcoming home move and use the chance to get rid of any items that you no longer use.

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