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April 7th, 2017

Budget Self-Pack Interstate Moving!


If you are in search of the most economical way to move interstate, our budget self-pack shipping containers are the perfect solution! There is no middle-man and no turning over control of your packing to someone else. Shipping containers offer the ideal way to save money while packing your things at your convenience and then turning them over to us to transport.
As a locally-owned and operated company, you can be assured of exceptional customer service and professional drivers to transport your belongings whether it is in a 20 ft or 40 ft container. For the best shipping container moving price, contact our offices at U Pack Removals.

1) Contact us: Whether you are ready to schedule the removal or you simply have questions about the removals process, we can assist you! Our professional staff can answer your questions, provide estimates, and advise on the which container would best accommodate all your belongs.

2) Delivery of container: Once you are ready to pack your belongings into one of our high-quality containers, we will deliver it to your home or office at your convenience. All it takes is scheduling the delivery by calling our offices.

3) Self-packing: By self-packing your things, you don’t just do things on your schedule, you save money. That’s the beauty of self-packing and why it’s so popular. You can pack your belongings in a week or three months. It is up to you. If you need packing materials, we sell a broad range of packing materials. Once you’re ready, you schedule the delivery of a container and load it up! If packing your things isn’t your cup of tea, and you don’t mind paying a bit more, we can recommend professional packers.

4) Pricing: Shipping container transport is the cheapest way to move interstate and a fast-growing segment of the removals industry. However, shipping container moving prices shouldn’t affect the quality of your move and, specifically, the quality of the shipping container you use. Saving money during a move doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or professionalism in removalists or containers. It is important you work with a reputable and trusted company such as U Pack Removals. We have built a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in budget self-pack containers. We offer 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers for your next move.

5) Container Pick-up: Once you have loaded your belongings, we will pick up the container and deliver it efficiently and safely to your new interstate location. Our professional drivers will ensure safe and efficient delivery! If you’re not ready to take delivery on the other end, we are happy to provide storage for your shipping container. Contact us for storage pricing at any one of our numerous storage depots across Australia. Once you are ready to take possession of your container, you can easily schedule a delivery!

If you need to removals service and are interesting in saving money, we recommend using U Pack Removals for a budget self-pack container and professional interstate removal service! Contact us at U Pack Removals Australia for a shipping container moving price and to schedule your shipping container transport.

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