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February 2nd, 2016



Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and has dominated the country’s population growth for more than 11 years. There were approximately 4.35 million inhabitants living in Melbourne in 2013, and its population is continuing to grow. Whether you are moving to Melbourne or out of Melbourne, we can help you with your move! You Pack Removals are leading company providing cheap interstate removals Melbourne and in Australia – we’re good at what we do and we’re experts in storage, shipping/transport. We can save you a loads of money in your move! A self-pack moving can save you up to 50% on moving expenses because you’re packing your own belongings.


Moving interstate isn’t easy. It’s a big decision to undertake and now that you’ve made it, there here is a timeline to help you plan your move.

Before your move:

— Create a file to hold all of your important documents related to your move from receipts to estimates and information on your new destination.
— Make an informed decision with regard to a removalist (like engaging You Pack).
— Begin to gather supplies you will need such as boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper and plastic, etc. Talk to us about products we offer such as mattress bags, furniture pads, and other supplies. We’re here to advise you if you need it.
— Begin getting rid of items you don’t need to take with you. It’s a great time to declutter your home. Purge! Donate! Sell! However you do it, this is the time to do it – before you pack your items and need to unpack them on the other end needlessly.
— Begin planning the logistics of moving such as change of address notifications to magazines, post and so forth, change of utilities and other services. Do you need to arrange for pet transport, a sitter for the day you load the container, and have you arranged to have your home cleaned post move and your new one cleaned pre-move?
— For a self pack move, you can begin packing as soon as the decision is made! No sense waiting until the last minute.
— Start thinking about your destination and getting to know your new neighborhood. Have a list of nearby important services such as petrol, stores, banks, and others.

we can about our customers more than anyone else , thats the only reason why we have been chosen as Australia’s best container removals company.

— Make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to load your shipping container with your boxes and items. Don’t leave it to the last minute to decide how to load the container. We’re happy to consult with you about how to best load and stack your belongings. If yo’d rather not load the container yourself, we can recommend companies able to provide loading services.
— Take frequent breaks during your move, remain well hydrated and be certain to stop and eat throughout the day. It’s important to remain nourished as well as hydrated.
— Try to have some help to load the container. It’s a great time to get family and friends to assist. Call in those favors, if need be!

— Once your items arrive at the new destination, be ready to unload your items.
— Give sufficient thought as to how you plan to unload and where you plan to put your boxes (which you’ve hopefully labeled well) in your new home. If you plan well, you won’t need to be moving boxes around from room to room throughout your unpacking! If you have three bedrooms, it’s best to have labeled boxes according to the bedroom in which they belong. For example, you can write: Bedroom 1 on a box and then put a note at the door of each bedroom with its designation! The more organized and detailed you are, the easier your unloading and unpacking will go!– Once you’ve completed unloaded your boxes, all you need to do is ring us to schedule your container pick up!
You Pack Australia makes it easy for you to do a self packing move! Give us a call today to begin your new exciting journey!

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