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July 1st, 2016

Specialists In DIY Container Moving


Do you know what the least expensive option is for interstate moving? It’s self-pack moving also known as a DIY container removals. But, is it worth to pack your belongings? As self-pack removalists and experts, we can discuss the process for DIY container removals for your next interstate move and Moving Containers Prices.

Consider the time to pack: Yes, it can be labor intensive to pack your belongings. However, you can do it at your leisure – that is the beauty of DIY removals. Once you have made the decision to move, you can begin packing as you want. You can take as little or as much time as you want. You can pack your things however you want using the materials that you select. DIY is popular in significant part because it provides a certain amount of freedom, control, and savings.

Management: DIY means you manage the process as you like and when you like. You set your timetable, and you can alter it if you want or need. In shipping container removals, you order the shipping container to be delivered to your home at a convenient date. You then have several days to load up the container.

Costs: DIY removals or self-packing can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. You are saving because you don’t pay for exorbitant labor costs by packing your things.

Reputable company: Using us or another reputable company simplifies your move because you are guaranteed that the company moving your things is highly qualified and reputable. Yes, you could hire a man and a van and maybe save a bit more (we stress maybe). However, that man is unlikely to be insured with extensive experience in the removals industry! What recourse do you have if something goes wrong? If you things do not arrive intact or at all? We provide professional and experienced lorry drivers to deliver your personal belongings as promised and when promised. We also provide insurance coverage of $250,000. Not all removalists provide insurance or the level of coverage we provide. We are fully transparent and reliable.

Shipping containers: The advantage of a shipping container move is the convenience of self-pack right at your front door. You load the container we deliver directly to your home! All of our containers are safe, high-quality steel construction.

Quality: A good self-pack removals company won’t just show up to pick up your items and leave. The best ones will be happy to talk you through the process, explain their process and coverage, and provide advice, referrals, and the name of packers for those who only want to do so much DIY!

We like to say that our removals mean: cost (savings), convenience, control, and caring. We offer all four to our customers. Any reputable company understands that DIY moving is the preferred method for many of their clients often due to the significant savings. We understand it, and that’s why we believe in the DIY or self-pack removals as one of the best, most efficient, and affordable ways to move interstate.

Call us today if you are interested in discussing the process for your DIY moving. We are self-packing, shipping container experts in Australia. We offer depots across the country to simplify the process and accessibility for all our customers. We also offer storage as needed at certain depots.

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