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July 8th, 2016

Shipping Container Farms! Shipping Containers For Sale At Best Prices


Innovation is the major trend in todays modern world, we see many innovations took everyone by surprise and applauded by the whole world. These innovations are not limited , they have expanded to many industries and products . As we all know , the focus is shifted towards sustainable farming and agriculture .Its very difficult to find suitable lands these days for farming , in addition to this we cant avoid natural calamities too. This is when ,everyone started finding different ways to perform sustainable food production. Recently an interesting story was published in national media about a couple have decided to leave their high paying jobs and started growing lattice in a modified shipping container. They named this space as hi-tech farm, with all suitable conditions for the crop to grow and produce high quality vegetation.

Shipping containers are generally used for storage , transport and people even started building homes using these large metal structures. But growing vegetables in a enclosed shipping container is totally new , not many people have attempted this before. What this couple have done was , they created a artificial environment for plants , which will allow the plants to grow in most natural way. So the products of the plants are as tastier and healthier compared to regular outdoor grown plants . This couple have created proper lighting , water resource , mineral and other essential supplements for plants to grow in most natural way. They say, it was not easy in the beginning and they spent quite a lot of money in testing the system and finding the sweet spot to grow the plants in the way they wanted. As per the information given by them , around 1000 USD investment could produce 8000USD worth of returns if everything is done right. This is quite a good business model on paper , but to execute this one would need high level of expertise . But there are quite a lot of companies and consultants who are helping in this area , If you can jump online and do more research on this .

You Pack Removals , are specialists in providing cost effective interstate removals , container transport , container sales and container modification services. If you need more information about our high quality shipping containers , you can call us and our friendly experts can help you choose the best quality containers. We sell both used and brand new shipping containers directly to customers and businesses. Our shipping containers come in standard sizes of 20ft and 40ft. These are highly durable and fully tested to ensure there are no traces of harmful substances or chemicals . We give highest priority to environmental sustainability , so all our products are properly tested by industry experts. If you need additional storage , we have our fully secured storage yards . These yards are full monitored 24/7 , be rest assured that your goods or material stored in our containers are always safe and secured.

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