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June 27th, 2016

Saying goodbye to city life for countryside using Cheap Long Distance Movers


If you are seeking a slower pace of life, moving to the suburbs or countryside could be a great option for you. As a cheap interstate removals provider, we see many households making the transition from city life in search of a quieter life. Using an interstate moving company such as ours can reduce expenses significantly if you are on a budget.

Here are some reasons families decide to leave city life:

— Privacy and tranquility: Let’s face it. Country life is usually quieter and offers a slower pace of life if you want. There’s more distance between you and your neighbor unlike in the city where buildings and dwellings are stacked side by side. City life tends to be more frenetic, busier, and faster. Tranquility can be hard sought.

— Countryside: Many city folks flocking to the countryside are searching more open spaces and a return to nature difficult to find in a city. They want trees, open meadows, and spaces. Short of the rare spacious park, a countryside will offer more of a natural experience. Most homes in the suburbs and countryside also offer larger gardens in which to enjoy outdoor life. Homes also tend to be larger and more spacious.

— Less pollution: Given the open, green spaces, you are going to find cleaner air in the countryside. Fewer cars and industry make for cleaner air. This is particularly attractive to families or individuals with compromised health including asthma. There are fewer lorries or other pollution producers in the countryside – as long as you don’t opt to move next to a manufacturing plant. Cleaner air is usually seen as one of the greatest advantages to moving to the countryside!

— Friendlier neighbors: Most urbanites moving to the suburbs or country are often surprised by the difference in people and their neighbors. A slower pace of life often means friendlier strangers and neighbors. Walk along Melbourne’s Collins Street or Sydney’s George Street and you aren’t likely to be greeted by any stranger. However, walk along any countryside high street and you’re more likely to find someone greet you. There can be a significant difference between strangers in the city to strangers in a small country village.

— Country living usually means far lower crime rates by the simple fact that there tend to be fewer people and people know their neighbors and watch out for one another.

We can help make your transition to country life far easier through our self-pack shipping containers and removals. You can order one of our containers and self-pack your things. If you’d like to order one of our containers, but have someone else pack for you, we can arrange that as well. Our goal as an interstate removals specialist is to simplify our customer’s lives when it comes to moving. This is what makes us one of the leading Australian owned and operated interstate moving companies.

We will deliver your shipping container and return within a few days to collect it and ship it overland to your destination elsewhere in Australia. It’s safe and it’s efficient. It’s one of the most popular and least expensive ways of moving interstate in Australia! Call us now for your free estimate and a chat to discuss your needs and timeframe.

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