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Save with Do It Yourself Removals
Save with Do It Yourself Removals
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Pubslished In: January 21, 2016




They say that if a job’s worth doing well it’s worth doing yourself. Those who have moved house and have had to deal with horror furniture removalists in the past can probably relate to this all too well. You Pack Removals is one of the leading self pack removals companies, helping customers across Australia relocate interstate or across their city to new homes or commercial properties. We provide affordable DIY removals assistance that can help you save time, stress and money.

DIY Removals services you can trust

You Pack Removals’ “you pack it and we’ll transport it” approach to DIY removals gives you the control over how your furniture and possessions are packed. You’ll also save money by packing your belongings up yourself. It’s simple – call You Pack Removals and we’ll send you the required number of furniture containers for you to load. Once everything is ready to go our experienced expert interstate removalists will transport your possessions to your new home or place of business, anywhere in Australia. Once you’ve unpacked all your furniture we’ll then take your containers away. It’s that easy!
For expert assistance with your do it yourself removals, get in touch with the professionals at You Pack Removals. Fill in your details online for a rapid quote or call us on 1300 882 112 for further information.


Take Charge And Ensure A Smooth DIY Removals

Don’t you hate it when you hire cheap interstate removalists for your interstate move and you discover when everything arrives at your new home that the furniture has been damaged in transit and your breakables are indeed broken? With You Load Removals’ innovative DIY removals method of furniture removals, you can control exactly how everything is packed to ensure that your furniture and possessions arrive at your new home in the same condition in which they left the old one.

DIY removals helping you relocate with maximum ease and minimum stress

You Pack Removals’ “you pack it and we’ll transport it” approach to DIY removals means that you not only have control over how your furniture and possessions are packed, you can even save money by not having professional removalists do the packing for you. When you hire You Pack Removals, you pack your belongings into special furniture containers which we then transport to your new home. We’ll then take away the containers once you’ve finished unpacking. It’s a simple and proven effective DIY removals process that saves you time, stress and money! For a free rapid quote contact us today online or by phone on 1300 882 112.