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February 2nd, 2016



The best way to do an interstate move from Brisbane could be to self-pack your belongings, especially if you would like to save money! Call us! You Pack Removals are Australia’s leading self-pack interstate container removals company! We are expert interstate transporters and shippers. You pack your belongings up, load them into our shipping container, and we deliver it safely! A You Pack move is safe, easy, and affordable!


Self packing moves are based on the DIY method – do it yourself! If you’re a typical DIYer or looking to save money, we’re perfect for you1 We are the perfect option. The self pack method gives you the liberty of packing and loading your own things into one of our high-quality containers. You pack and load exactly how and when you want! There’s nothing invasive about this method because there’s no one coming into your home to pack up your belongings and valuables. You do your packing all yourself!
We can help you calculate which size you’ll need to move your household comfortably and safely. Our shipping containers are sturdy and in great condition to hold your household safely and securely. Once you select from either a 20 foot or 40 foot container, we will deliver it straight to your home. We will place it on the ground in a convenient location for your to load it.
You will then have good number of days to load up the shipping container with all your belongings – boxes, furniture, etc. – and ample amount of time to unload on the other end once it arrives at your new destination. It’s all very easy and very convenient. There’s no need to drive a truck yourself across the country. Our expert drivers will do this for you, and more than likely, your items will arrive within a few days!
Clients sometimes consider doing a self pack and then hiring a truck to drive their own things interstate. However, that’s not necessarily cheaper and certainly not easier and this is why traditional interstate removalist companies are costlier , especially if you’ll be traveling with children! Driving a lorry can be complicated without the proper experience. It’s also not particularly inexpensive when you begin to add up the costs.


Contact us! You can give us a call for a free quote or you can request an estimate online on our website to make it even easier! You Pack Removalists are all about making moves easier on our clients. Moves are stressful enough as an endeavor without having more things to be worried about. We’re always happy to speak with a potential or current client and answer any questions or concerns. All our pricing will include costs for: shipping container, transport, driver, fuel, and standard coverage. There are no hidden costs. We believe in full transparency in our business!
We also believe in great customer service and transporting our clients’ belongings safely to their new home! Our clients frequently use us more than once and recommend us to others – that’s how we’ve built our reputation as Australia’s leading self-pack company!
Once you engage us as your removalists for your move from Brisbane, you can just pack up and load up your stuff. You can then let us handle the rest while you enjoy the trip to your new destination without needing to worry about your belongings or driving your belongings there! Contact us today!

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