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January 22nd, 2016

Moving from Melbourne to Sydney


Moving from Melbourne to Sydney could be the experience of a lifetime! With this move you have decided to to pack your own things and engage a removalist to handle the transport to Sydney. However, you’ve never handled packing your entire household for such a long move. You Pack leads Australia in the self pack removals industry specializing in interstate transport. However, we can still advise you on how to begin preparing your household for this exciting move and how to pack your items prior to placing in one of our shipping containers!
Here are some tips as you begin to prepare for your self pack removals.


Using the correct boxes and wrapping supplies will better ensure that your belongings arrive safely without damage. You will need to select appropriate boxes for your belongings and you should be certain they can accommodate the weight of what they will hold. Used boxes can suffice so long as they are sturdy and in good condition. Never over-pack or over-burden a box or you risk it tearing. Lastly, do not forget to clearly label each box by room and contents or you will find yourself at your new destination tearing through boxes trying to find that one thing you just have to have at that moment!

There are two main types of boxes:

— Standard boxes are for most household items. They come in varying sizes and accommodate most generic household items such as electronics, books, small items and even larger items.

— Specialty boxes are for items such as wardrobe, kitchen items like glasses and dishes, picture or mirror boxes, TV/Electric item boxes, and lamp boxes ideal for long narrow items such golf clubs or floor lamps.


Do not underestimate the importance of packing materials when preparing for your interstate move! Even the strongest of boxes can’t protect your items from shifting or breaking if they’re not correctly wrapped and packed. We can advise you on selecting the appropriate wrapping materials or boxes, if you find yourself unsure as to what you will need exactly. However, a quick list would be:

— Wrapping materials for breakables (called Bubble Wrap) in varying sizes are important. Most of these come in sheets of different lengths and even “sticky” sheets which adhere to the item and are later quickly peeled away. These are perfect for glassware.

— Foam wrap for dishes and other breakables sometime works better than the bubble-type wraps.

— It can be convenient to have packing paper or at minimum newspaper to help wrap less delicate items and back fill boxes as needed to prevent items from shifting around. Keep in mind to not use newspaper around items that could potentially be smeared or damaged by newspaper print.

– Packing tape is necessary and you will most likely use more than you think. Each box should be securely wrapped and taped up prior to being loaded in the shipping container.

These tips and items will help get you started on a successful self pack removal. We offer also other items such as blankets to use in the shipping container. Just give us a call to chat about how we can help you prepare your household for this exciting life change!

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