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June 24th, 2016

Moving Out Of State and away from friends and family is not easy.


Moving interstate can seem like an overwhelming ordeal. Choosing to leave behind your friends, family and home is no easy decision. And once you’ve decided on an interstate move, the stressful and taxing saga of moving all of your furniture and possessions sets in. This is the most crucial and challenging bit , especially for people who are moving first time with no or little guidance.

It doesn’t have to be an impossible ordeal, though. With specialist furniture removalists like You Pack Removals, your interstate relocation can be a breeze.

Our expert team know exactly what you need to accomplish for your big move, from the moment of the decision to the last thing you unpack. Using our tried and tested checklist and seamless interstate moving solution, we can ensure you don’t miss a single step.

Our unique service means you can pack your furniture yourself, to minimise damage other removalists can cause and reduce the overall cost. Our team then take over, and deliver your items to your new home with our reliable transportation services. Why not find out how easy we can make your interstate move?

You can invest a lot of time and energy moving yourself, especially if it’s across state lines and you’re not using a company who specialises in providing quality Interstate Furniture Removals . First of all, it takes you a lot longer and there are more chances of something going wrong in that extended time. It can also end up costing you more. You have to buy the packing materials, rent a truck, spend a fortune on petrol, and often invest in storage units, while you prepare your new home.

By hiring You Pack Removals as your interstate furniture removal company, you can save yourself the hassle, as well as money. You can still pack everything yourself in order to ensure the proper care of your valuables, then we can arrive on site to transport and even store your items for you at either end of your trip. Let us bear the burden of your interstate move by calling You Pack today and we can plan your move well in advance to avoid any hassles , we also provide free blankets and ties for you to pack your beloved furniture with out any damages. Our customised moving solution can make you relax and would not let you spending anything extra with absolutely no hidden charges. What are you waiting for then ,pick up the phone and ring us on 1300 882 112 or jump online to get a obligation free quotation.

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