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November 14th, 2018

love OF DIY For Aussies!


Do it yourself or DIY is something that Australians have been doing ever since before. However, currently the DIY industry in Australia is exploding thanks to the inception of the internet and the social aspect of it. Today, Aussies are DIYing more than ever before and what’s more is that the industry leaders are saying that they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. So what is the reason that makes DIY so popular today and makes it resonate with thousands of Aussies?

First, it’s about the experience. Think about the experience of renovating your home or moving your house while in the company of your friends who can give you advice on what to choose. Most Australians use DIY as a way to escape from the daily life stresses. After completing a project, they feel more rewarded when they get the job done without hiring someone. On the outlook, DIY has tapped into the dying needs of human beings to create and push the limits of what they can do with very little expenses or resources. However, the most interesting thing about DIY is the lack of attention in Australia despite it continuing to expand. The DIY space is undeniably growing so fast with no signs of slowing down.

With the growing love of DIY by Aussies, so is the growing love for moving using a Self Pack container. House moving using self packing containers has grown to be a very popular way to move Interstate in Australia. Aussies like to move with very little expenses and DIY facilitates that need while also embracing mutual encouragement and the celebration of a successful DIY move. Despite it being a stress free option, paying professional removalists to do the job has proven to be rather expensive with costs of between $2000 and $5000. This does not even include a number of variables which also affect the final price.

On the other hand, hiring a self pack moving container has been shown to be a cheaper and perfect solution to the whole moving process. This becomes even more economic for those Australians who at some times tend to require some type of storage at either their old home or new home as part of their move. A DIY self pack container also comes handy when you are doing home renovation and want to move your household items to a temporary housing. In this case, you can keep the self pack shipping storage container at your property for easy access of your household items. Another reason for the increasing urge for Australians to DIY is that they are aware of everything concerning the moving industry. Nowadays, the clients are more knowledgeable and are aware of their rights and the laws governing moving businesses. They are also familiar with all the loopholes in insurance coverage. With this knowledge, most people end up considering doing the move themselves in order to avoid troubles with the moving companies. For those who go ahead to hire professional movers, the moving companies in most cases end up spending lots of cash in claims, refunds, and other similar expenses.

So what are moving containers and how do they work?

Self pack moving containers are portable storage containers that you rent to move your household items to another location or store them for a certain period of time. The self pack shipping containers are dropped off in your yard, picked up, and transported to your preferred location by the company you have rented it from. The trucks that deliver the container are usually equipped with a special hydraulic lift system that is designed to reduce shifting inside the shipping containers. This keeps it balanced and on level all the time thus decreasing the risk of damages to your household possessions during transit. The containers are typically very durable and completely insulated which makes them able to withstand very strong winds and adverse weather conditions. This keeps moisture and mold away from the packed items regardless of how long they will be inside the shipping container.


Overall, moving your home using a self packing portable shipping container is usually cheaper and flexible than hiring a full-service moving company. Self pack shipping containers moving option has provided Australians with the flexibility and unique DIY experience that they have so much wanted during the moving process. However, before you make your final decision, it is important to first do a thorough research of all the best self pack moving container companies and get a moving quote to ensure that you get the best services and rates.

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