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September 4th, 2018

How To Save Money Whilst Moving Homes

According to a recent, about 43% of all Australians have moved their home within the last five years. While this number continues to rises, more and more Australians are considering self pack removals in a bid to save hundreds of dollars. Since moving is a very expensive business, it is only wise to try and make savings wherever you can. But how can you save money while moving homes and make the whole process way less stressful? Whether you are hiring traditional movers or self pack removals, here are 6 ways to save money while moving.

1. Get several estimates

Once you have decided to use interstate removals or shipping container removals to transport your belongings to your new home, start looking for several quotes to ensure that you get the best deal for your budget. Since prices tend to vary among movers, it is recommended to get at least three bids and compare the prices. When you have the various estimates, it will be easy picking the one that is most affordable. Getting several estimates will also help you to see how reliable removalist companies behave. This may save you from shonky removalists who lower their prices to lure you and afterwards hold your belongings captive until you pay them an exorbitant price.

2. When booking your cheap removalist, check the fine print for any hidden costs.

When looking for a moving company, it is very critical to pay attention to all the hidden costs. You should know beforehand what kind of extra fees you may be charged during the move. This could include extra carrying fees or line haul charges. Therefore, ensure that you also have information on the weight allowance of your moving container.

3. Donate / sell unwanted items.

One of the best ways of saving cash when moving is by lightening your load. You can donate the items or better still, sell them and get additional cash. ebay and Gumtree are among the best places that you can list your items for free. You can also go old-school by holding a garage sale in front of your house. This exercise should be done several weeks before the moving day.

4. Pack it by yourself.

To further cut on moving costs, you can try and do the packing by yourself. You can save lots of cash if you pack your own belongings>. After making savings doing this is when you can now pay someone to do the hard part, loading the items.

5. Ask your employer, or Uncle Sam, for help

If you are moving your home for business purposes, you can ask your employer if he or she can cover some of your moving costs. If your employer cannot help, you can still deduct some of the home moving expenses in your income tax return. What you will have to do is just meet with a tax adviser prior to the move and also keep all the receipts you will be handed for documentation purposes.

6. Find free boxes

Apart from tape, you can get almost every other thing you need to pack for free. All it takes is a little searching. You can ask your relatives, friends, and even colleagues for used boxes. Most liquor stores and supermarkets are also more likely to have plenty of extra boxes. Instead of buying bubble wraps, you can use towel, clothing, and tubed socks. You can also turn idle containers including suitcases and plastic bins into packing supplies.

7. Move during offseason

If you are much flexible with the moving date, you can try to move during those non-peak moving periods. Demand for interstate removals and self pack removals spikes during the summer season. When children are out of school, this is when most parents will try getting into their new homes. Since most moving companies are busiest during this season, the prices for moving services tend to hike up. In addition, try as much as possible to avoid weekends, holidays, and the beginning and end month.

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Although moving is an expensive event, it doesn’t need to totally drain your wallet. The key to saving money during the process is being organized before the moving day and staying organized all through the move. We are hopefully that with these tips, you will easily coordinate your move, trim costs, and as a result settle into your new home without going over your budget.

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