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August 31st, 2018

Home Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easy


As your moving date draws near, the mere thought of starting packing can make you insane. From unpacking all your house belongings, packing them into boxes, and getting them all into a new place, no task is easy. Regardless of where you are moving to, whether interstate or just across town, every single item in your home has to come with you. Before you even begin packing, most likely you will have a plan so that you have a timeframe for every single activity involved. But even after you have come up with a plan, you still need a way to easily pack all your electronics, pillow, book, and cord. This is where packing hacks for moving comes into place. Moving hacks makes moving easier and simpler and also reduces the amount of work to be done by you and the removalist company. Follow through for some 8 genius moving hacks that will make your moving life easier.

1. Make a Supply Box

Before you start packing, consider getting all of your packing supplies together in a box. As you move here and there packing, you will have this box with you all the time. Doing this saves you from all the time you waste wondering where you left this or that.

2. Leave an aisle in the middle of your storage space.

This is one of the most important tips for anyone planning to access anything inside shipping container removals or a mover’s truck much easier. As you stack up your boxes and furniture, remember to leave some space between the stacks. If the storage unit is rather small or filled up, you can leave one aisle down the middle as you keep your items against the moving truck or shipping containers walls. Consequently, you can leave two or even three aisles between the stacks in case of large spaces.

3. Utilize Your Laundry Basket

Use your laundry basket to put everything that you will need immediately you reach your new home. You can pack things like soap, towels, coffee maker, toilet paper, and snacks. Don’t forget to take this basket with you to your car so as to have easy access to these items once you reach your new home.

4. Use a Rubber Band On The Door

Having your bedroom or kitchen door latch every time you go through it carrying boxes is definitely a bore. To prevent the door from latching, loop a rubber band around your doorknob, cross it and then loop it around the knob that is on the other side.

5. Pack sharp knives in an oven mitt.

Kitchen knives, especially the sharp ones, will stick other objects they are packed with. To prevent this, pack them in an oven mitt. After all, they will all end up on the same place.

6. Pack your hanging clothes in trash bags

If you are looking for more ways to save money, Keep your clothes on their respective hangers and then wrap them in trash bags. Apart from saving you from buying more boxes, it also saves you from having to fold them. In addition, you can hang them quickly in your new closet.

7. Label boxes based on priority and contents

Obviously, you will want to start unpacking those items that you use regularly like clothing and kitchen items. For this reason, label your boxes or color code them based on which priority. This also helps you pack the boxes that you will need first in the most accessible place in the moving truck or shipping container. Another tip is to label the boxes on the sides since it is relatively hard to see a label that is on top of the box when it is between a stack of other boxes.

8. Set up the beds first in your new home

When you reach your new home, before you even start piling all your packing boxes inside the new house, consider taking some time to first set up all the beds. This way, will help you block off all the sleeping spaces when you will be moving everything in.


As the big day looms in the distance, it is common to start wondering whether you will achieve to have an organized and stress-free self pack removals. Instead of worrying, all you need to get through this process successfully as just some few moving hacks. By employing these simple moving and packing hacks into your home moving plan, we are sure that packing and getting into your new home will be enjoyable.

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