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April 22nd, 2015

DIY Packing Tips


It is common knowledge that everyone learns from experience, helping us to improve the way we do things in the future. If you’re using a self packing interstate removalist for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will make your moving process much easier.

Firstly, you need to be prepared. Stock up all your packing materials—boxes, paper, bubble wrap, ropes, tape and anything else you think you may need. Keep all of this together in one easily-accessible place.

Plan your packing! Try to create a packing order that will guide you to what items/rooms you should begin packing and which items need to be left until last. This will prevent any last minute dramas of trying to locate something you really need.

When it comes to packing up the container, everything should be tightly packed, leaving no gaps from top to bottom, end-to-end or side-to-side. Remember to keep fragile items up the top and heavier items down the bottom. If you have any space left, fill the area with old blankets, bubble wrap and foam. This will help items to stay secure.

To save space, fill any empty drawers with wrapped items, remembering to secure shut the drawers when finished to avoid any damage.

Two flat boxes taped on either side, with bubble wrap covering any glass surfaces, can protect paintings and photo frames. Be sure to stack these items in a secure place, away from sharp edges or heavy items. A mattress is a great buffer.

Any valuable items, such as televisions, should be carefully protected with bubble wrap and blankets, then securely packed and labeled in boxes. Glassware should be protected by at least two sheets of wrapping paper and placed in between softer items such as clothing to prevent impact.So choose the best interstate removals company to help you

Now that you’re equipped with these handy hints, it’s time to get packing! Good Luck!

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