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August 9th, 2018

How Transit Insurance Helps Your Interstate Move

One of the many questions that many homeowners ask themselves is whether they really need to get transit insurance when moving. If you are wondering too, it is worth remembering that insurance is there to cover for the unforeseen worst scenarios. It is a fact that no matter how much you may try to choose the best removalist in Australia, this only will not guarantee you full safety of your household goods. Accidents can happen anytime and your boxes can get bumped or shifted during the move. However, most people think that their household items are automatically covered in their home insurance policy even when they are moving their home. Similarly, some people think that if they use a furniture removalist and an accident occurs or their property gets damaged, the furniture removalist’s insurance cover will automatically cover for these damages. However this is a major misconception that many people do not know until later when an unforeseen occurrence occurs during transit and the interstate removalist refuse to cover for your furniture damages. The only type of insurance that will protect your belongings and give you less worry when moving your home is transit insurance.

How Transit Insurance can help you move interstate

The only type of insurance that will provide a clear guideline on what can be covered is what is normally referred to as transit insurance. This is a type of insurance that covers your household items during the transit period. Therefore, you will end up having a complete peace of mind knowing that all your household items are protected. Transit insurance covers for :
• Loss of or damage to your household property once they start the transit journey
• Loss or damage to your household property due to road accidents or natural disasters when in transit
Transit insurance covers your household property for unforeseen occurrences such as theft, fire, or disappearance while in transit between two locations. Depending on the level of your agreement, removalists will provide some protections for your household belongings.

How to Assess the Value of Your Household Goods

To access the value of your move, write down all the pieces of furniture and other items and give each one of them a number and approximate weight. After that, give each item on your list or box a replacement value. The replacement value is the cost of replacing the item with another item of comparable quality and material. You can consider taking photos of all items, especially those of high value as it will assist you to easily keep track of your inventory and when making a claim. Finally, add up the number of all the items, their total weight, and their total value.

How do i file a claim?

In case of any damage or loss to your property while in transit, to file a claim you will need to prove that the item or items lost or damaged were actually damaged beforehand. To support your claim, you can use a comprehensive moving inventory list including items like jewelry and silverware. It is also important taking before and after pictures and also filing the claim without delay to facilitate reimbursement.


Moving is stressful enough even when completed without having any of your goods damaged or lost. This is why it is important to consider your current situation and determine whether or not it is worth insuring your household property. If you have valuable items like rare art collections or antiques, it may be worth getting transit insurance for you to have a peace of mind.

To begin, carefully review your mover’s contract to determine exactly what kind of property and how much coverage the company provides in case of loss or damage. After that, you should find out the maximum value of your removalist’s insurance policy should your goods be damaged or lost and make sure it is sufficient for your needs.

If you chose the cheapest way to move furniture interstate and move your items by yourself, you definitely won’t have a moving company’s insurance coverage if your household goods get damaged or lost. On the other hand, the best way to move interstate is to use a shipping container mover since these companies offer insurance that not only protects the container, but also the passengers and cargo depending on the type of insurance coverage that you will choose.

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