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June 24th, 2016

Moving Home With Elderly People?


Moving with elderly relatives or parents can be tricky. We always recommend to our clients, who are looking at moving interstate that they begin planning in advance. As one of Australia’s best and cheapest interstate removalists, we have significant experience in the moving process. We can offer the following suggestions for families with elderly relatives moving interstate.

– A self-packing shipping container affords you tremendous flexibility if you begin planning in advance. You can read previous posts on our website for numerous tips on how to prepare for a removals day. However, when elderly relatives are involved in a move, things can change quite a bit.

– If you are moving interstate, you should begin discussing the move with the elderly and explain as much as you can including what changes they can expect in their new surroundings and life.

– If at all possible, make a trip to the new destination so that they can begin to get familiar with what will be their new city and home. If you can tour the new house, you should.

– If the person is suffering from dementia, speaking with their doctor is advisable. They will be able to offer ideas on how to prepare your loved one for this significant change in their environment.

– Let them participate as much as possible in the discussions regarding the interstate move.

– If they are not familiar with the idea of self-packing containers and interstate moves, explain it to them. Remember to tell them that a shipping container will be delivered to your home several days before the actual removals.

– If they can participate in making decisions about packing their things, or if they can take part in packing, it can be good for them to participate at some level even if it’s minor.

– Once the shipping container arrives, you can show them what it looks like and what it looks like once packed with everyone’s belongings. You can reassure them that we are expert removalists, and their things will be safe in the shipping container. You can explain how we transport it to your destination.

– Allowing the elderly to feel as if they have some control of their life can assuage any anxious feelings regarding the upcoming change in their home environment.

– Discuss their new home. You can ask if they’d like to decorate their room or space in the same manner as their current one. Again, allowing them to retain some level of control while giving them as much information as you deem reasonable can smooth the interstate moving process for them.

– Before you move, be certain to make arrangements for any health care continuity that will be needed at your new destination. Speaking with their doctor can provide ideas.

– It’s important that you carry any of their medicines with you during the journey to the new home. Be certain that your relative understands and feels that you have everything under control and well thought out.

– Plan. Plan. And, plan some more. Create lists of everything of importance regarding your relative’s daily life, medical care, schedules, and comfort.

– Lastly, think of how you feel making this significant change in your life. Imagine how they must feel. A little patience and understanding will go a long way toward ensuring this is a smooth move.

As one of Australia’s premier self-packing interstate removalists, we are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and can advise our clients on the moving process.Moving interstate does not have to be complicated, and it is a cheap and great way to move. We are here to help!

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