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August 17th, 2018

Benefits Of Using Shipping Containers To Move Homes

When you are thinking of moving home, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is how to transport your household items. One of the most popular options that many people consider nowadays is using shipping container removals. If you are wondering how a moving container works, you hire a container and the shipping container removals company drops off the container in front of your door. The container, usually one big enough to load all of your household belongings, is left at your residence for an agreed length of time for you to pack it. After this, the container company comes to pick the container when you are ready and drives it to your new residence. So now that you know how a moving container works, let’s look at some of the major benefits of using a moving container.

1. Flexible storage solutions

One of the biggest benefits of choosing self pack removals is the flexibility that they offer. First, you will be presented with different sizes of containers to choose from. Shipping containers come in different sizes and you get to choose your preferred size depending on the total number of your rooms. This allows you to have greater flexibility since you will just choose the exact container size for your moving needs. Moreover, since you are the one to set your own schedule, you can easily make small adjustments on the dates without having to make many consultations.

2. Moving containers are easy to load and unload

Loading your household items into the truck is definitely one of the hardest tasks of the moving process. With a moving truck, you have to lift all your household items to the level of the truck’s opening before you can load it. However, moving containers eliminate the risk of breaking your back by providing an easy-entry, ground level loading. The loading process will be as easy as walking in with the item you are carrying. Likewise, to unload it you will just walk in and take it out comfortably without breaking a sweat.

3. Moving containers are less expensive

Another major benefit of using a shipping container is that it is cost effective compared to hiring interstate removals. The shipping container is simply dropped at your home and you load your items at your own convenient time. After that, the moving company will send a driver to pick up the container and deliver it to your new home. Overall, the total cost of your move will depend on the size of your move and the distance. This means that you will only pay for renting the container and transporting it to your new location. In addition, the container will double up as a storage unit in case of any complications and you need temporary storage.

4. Moving containers are picked up and delivered safely

When you hire a shipping container, the container is dropped and picked up using a special machine that limits jostling and also shifting of the contents inside. This makes your items stay safe while in transit with zero chances of breaking. In addition, you will be given the key for your individual unit or units to ensure that your items are safe and secure during the entire trip.

5. Moving containers make long distance moving easier

If you are planning to move over a long distance move like interstate, using a moving container is definitely your best option. Thanks to their large size, you can be sure that you will move all your household items in just one move. In addition, you will have the container standing outside your new home until you have finished moving all your items. Since you will have the keys, you can pick up any item you want to use inside the container and replace it whenever you want once you reach your new home.


When moving your home, no option is as easy as using a moving and storage container. Moving containers offers the most flexible moving solutions that take the stress out of the moving process. This is why it has become popular among many home movers in Australia nowadays. All you have to do is hire a shipping container removals, load up your household items, and call the company to move the container for you.

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