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packing and loading tips

You Pack Removals™ offers profession removalists packing and loading tips
 for your furniture to help you with your You Pack Removals™ process.

Packing & Loading Tips

Begin packing your belongings into boxes a week prior to the container arriving. Make sure all boxes are clearly labeled with their contents, room they came from and room they are going to. Have a consistent labeling system on all boxes and let other who are helping know your system.

  • Prior to the container arriving make sure you have all packing material.
    Boxes, paper, bubble wrap, wrapping material, ropes, padlocks, etc.
  • Try to have a packing order.
    It will be a lot easy to pack if you know what needs to go in what order.
  • When packing the container no space should be left between items.
    Place all heavy good on the floor of the container and secure tightly. Lighter goods can be top loaded but be wary of fragile items. If any furniture pieces can be disassembled or collapsed, then do so prior to packing. The container should be packed end to end.
  • Pack the container tightly and cushion items with old blankets, bubble wrap & foam.
    Each end of the container should be blocked by a plastic covered mattress. This will help to avoid any movement of your goods.
  • Remove all drawers from shelves, wall units, dressing tables and fill securely with wrapped items.
    The drawers can then be re-inserted once the larger piece of furniture is loaded into the container. Make sure drawers are then secured to avoid movement. This process is then reversed when unpacking.
  • Stereos and televisions should be protected with bubble wrap and blankets.
    Once covered, pack securely in labeled boxes. Any turntable equipment should be locked by the appropriate mechanism. This will prevent damage to the drive system.
  • Glassware should be covered with at least two sheets of wrapping paper.
    Fragile items should then be placed in between clothing boxes then packed into the container.
    Paintings and prints should be covered by collapsed cardboard boxes. Use the boxes on each side and tape together. Choose a safe place to stack in the container to avoid damage.


When packing your container, precautions should be taken with any heat sensitive items. Always empty fuel tanks in items such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, out board engines etc. No flammable items can be transported

For all of your packing and loading needs please contact a You Pack Removals specialist today.